Strategy for Online Casino Games

Many online casino games are merely based on chance while others actually require skill and strategy.  The chance games offer the appeal of simplicity as all you do is click a few buttons and hope that you are lucky enough to win. Some of the most popular examples are slots and roulette. Players who opt for these games are often intimidated by their more strategic counterparts. If you have been hesitant to play the more skillful casino games, we are here to tell you that a little strategy could be worth your while.

Common Strategy Games

There are quite a few online games that require strategy, with blackjack and the many types of poker being among the most commonly played.  So why would you want to pick up a more difficult game when you can easily play something simple? There are mainly two reasons.  First off, strategy games tend to be more intriguing because they offer more of a challenge. Perhaps the most important is reason is that these games have a payout percentage that is considerably higher than many chance games.  If you gamble online with the intent of winning money, this should give you all the incentive to step your game up.


Blackjack is often considered to be one of the most complex casino games that involve strategy.  This is because the player is constantly forced to make decisions and those choices increase in importance with each draw of the cards.  For example, not only do you have to choose whether to hit or stand, you also have to consider more advanced options such of splitting, doubling down, surrendering, and taking up insurance on your bet.  This is just the traditional game of blackjack. There are many variations of the game and the strategy varies and can become more complex with each version.


Most types of poker require strategy as well. This is especially the case with the popular variant known as Pai Gow.  In a game of Pai Gow poker, the player receives seven cards.  While there are many decisions that need to be made, the major element of strategy involved is managing two hands: a two-card hand, and a five-card hand.  The conditions that apply to these hands are often what intensify the importance of having a good strategy.  A certain level of skill is also required in other commonly played variants such as Texas Hold ‘em, Let it Ride and Red Dog.  It may not sound very intricate, but it is important for players to know when to adjust their bets, when to call, and when to fold.  The good thing is that this is skill that can be learned by simply playing and understanding how to analyze probable outcomes.

Strategic Features

Some online casinos offer features that make it a bit easier for players to apply sound strategy in skilled based games.  These features even benefit the chance player as they can wager in comfort with the reassurance that they will not blow their bankroll by making a bad decision games and find out for yourself.

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