What is a Las Vegas Casino Comp?

To comp is to provide free, and it is a long-standing tradition in Las Vegas. In fact, one of the most common Vegas promotions is to provide free room and board and even airfare just to get in you in the door. But Las Vegas casinos are also legendary for lavishing their best customers with a wide array of gifts and other benefits. If you go to a casino and spend, eventually they will notice, and then take steps to keep you there and coming back.

Those who have never gambled on the Internet often wonder if online casinos provide complimentary gifts to their clients in the same way that the brick and mortar casinos do. The answer to that the question is a complex one because online casinos are not nearly as uniform as the casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and in other parts of the world are. The simple answer is yes, most online casinos comp a wide range of perks and incentives.

Often, what distinguishes one online casino from another is its comp package, which they often refer to as a loyalty program. The nice thing about online casinos is that you know exactly what they comp and why. With land-based casinos, it’s often a guessing game, and you usually have to rely on word of mouth. On the Internet, you can simply research the information, and even use it to decide which casino you’ll give the bulk of your business too.

How To Get A Casino Host To Comp You?

The most basic type of comp online is the deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses come in two forms: welcome bonuses, only available to first-time clients, and reload bonuses, which are regular deposit bonus. Both types of bonuses are a percentage applied to your account. For instance, if a casino offers a 15-percent reload bonus and you deposit $1,000, they’ll award you an additional $150 as you soon as you clear (bet at least once) the original deposit.

Most loyalty programs allow you to accrue points, and generally, a casino will have two pools, and they’ll put each point they award once into each pool. The casino uses one pool to gauge your overall “VIP” level, and they only ever add to that pool. The other pool is like an account, and you can spend from it to “purchase” comps from the casino. Some casinos have stores full of merchandise, and you can buy chips and cold, hard cash as well. Depending on what level of play you are, best online casino sites For VIP Players are those that offer the most interesting comp stores.

How Do Casinos Rate Slot Players?

At most online casinos, as your VIP or status level rises, so does the rate at which you accrue points. For instance, many casinos have a bronze, silver and gold level. At bronze, you might earn one point per dollar that the casino rakes, two at silver and three at gold. The faster you accrue points, the faster you can buy comps, and turn those points into cash and merchandise. In addition, many casinos raise your reload percentage with your status level.

Because of the transparent nature of online casino loyalty programs, it behooves you to research them, and to choose the most lucrative one based on your habits and play style. With careful planning, an online gambler can maximize their bankroll in a way that’s simply not possible in a land-based casino. That allows them to participate in opportunities generally off-limits to them, which increases their earning potential considerably.

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