zebra spirit meaning

If we look at the ability of the zebra, this animal lives with agility. These animals are mostly found on the African continent and notably identified for their distinctive appearance. You sometimes have a hard time forming deep connections because you have too many friends and acquaintances already. Don’t let yourself be limited by your strengths or weaknesses. It symbolizes the free and wild spirit that lives in everyone. It encourages you to embrace the traits and qualities that make you uniquely you, including your flaws and weaknesses. var p = 'https:' == document.location.protocol ? It weighs up situations and then considers the best course of action that will ultimately lead to things working out in the way that you may have hoped. They are quite energetic and free-spirited. The truth is that you can lose your identity quite easily if you decide to follow the lead of others. Don’t be afraid of challenges. There could be some delays, but you’ll eventually get the solution. Their intuition would rarely fail them. At the time, zebras’ fur was of the purest, unstained white. The black and white stripes of the zebra also symbolize something else that’s powerful. We do not drink zebra’s milk, although people would use their remarkable skins or even eat meat. They are covered with striped black and white fur, along with the pointy, sharp mane of same colors. The zebra as a spirit animal and dream symbol wants to help you overcome limiting beliefs. Your dreams are valid. However, this popular pattern became so popular that everyone would wear it and actually blend in the sea of ‘zebra print’ lovers. Parent zebras would never let youngsters go astray and leave the herd. They are definitely a remarkable symbol of freedom, because these horse cousins can never be domesticated. In moments when you feel lonely and need a little confidence to move forward, call on the zebra spirit guide. Be surefooted in your journey, but be quick to recognize opportunities that can change your life. Therefore, animals started a long and terrible fight. Zebra’s unique and remarkable appearance is something your totem passes down to you. Generally, seeing a zebra in your dream means you should start exploring. They have well built bodies, dark, friendly eyes with long and thick lashes and incredibly beautifully ‘designed’ coat. Because of this, you have to embrace and accept both experiences. Consider all the obstacles and hurdles in your life only as challenges that will eventually come to pass. No two zebras have the same black and white pattern. Additionally, you have keen understanding of the world around you. Everything they get involved is solely an independent decision and not influenced by any external energies. Also, break the jaw of your own doubts. When the zebra totem comes into your life, you receive its ability to flourish and thrive in the toughest of conditions. Free, Wild, Distinctive, Identity, Individualism, Opposite, Middle Ground, Free Spirit, Community, Family. The zebra can further symbolize firmness and confidence. When you find a new interest, you drop whatever you are currently working on so that you can start on a new one. It helps you to open you mind to the possibility of the multiple ideas that exist in your environment. Then this guide is for you! You are unique and should excel in being an individual. Zebra wears the patterns of paradox and opposite forces right on its skin for all to see. Other zebras can distinguish themselves by this fact that no two zebras are alike, the zebra animal totem is symbolized with identity or individualism. The zebra meaning teaches you to maintain a balance in your life, no matter how busy or crazy it gets. var _g1; Furthermore, this will be better for you when you already have some kind of an idea as to how you want your life to proceed and where you want to go. They act instinctively, on a first sign of danger, so they are not so easily hunt down. These people believe that it is at home that they can get a listening ear and be best understood. Change here means growth. Consider yourself lucky. So, these people find value in education and believe that it is the right way to succeed. Your main goal in life is to find that perfect “other half” that is going to fill in all of the gaps in your life. Also, you can see the fine divide between them. Pick a specific life path and work your way through it. Zebra people could be eccentric, fashionable and have a specific sense of aesthetics. Zebras are collective creatures, they live and move in herds, they are fast and of a tricky nature. The zebra spirit animal helps you appreciate both your strengths and challenges. The zebra meaning teaches you to maintain a balance in your life, no matter how busy or crazy it gets. In the same way, you can play a very important role as an active member of your community. If you have a dream of chasing a zebra, zebras being chased, or even you chasing a zebra, it can be helpful to explore the dream meaning of being chased. They are smart and fast. the wild and individual that lives in everyone. cb: (new Date()).getTime() Zebra totem gives you strength of survival and endurance. The meaning of the zebra in dreams suggests that balance is lacking in your life, and you must do what you can to regain this balance. It enables you to provide your society with solutions and to your immediate and future challenges. There is middle ground within the world, and the zebra can help us see this. The zebra salutes those who have been through a tough time but kept their free-spirit. It is not easy to force zebra spirit animal people to do something. Ask the zebra totem for guidance on how to go about this. You must open your eyes to new ideas and new ways of resolving problems. © 2018-2020 ZodiacSigns-Horoscope.com, All Rights Reserved. Meaning, if you’ve lived a tough life, but kept your free-spirit – the zebra salutes you. Most of the time, zebras are calm, but they could act unexpectedly. The zebra belongs to the horse family. These … You will find that you can make wiser decisions that will make your heart and mind very glad! People born under the zebra spirit animal also value partnerships, especially romantic ones. Community and family life – Zebras are not loners. Zebras are featured and described in old bestiaries, but long time has passed until it was introduced to non-African people. That being said, just looking at a few facts connected to the concept of zebra symbolism may provide you with a better insight into what may be possible. You have everything you need to make it, so be confident that you can! The black and white pattern on the zebra’s skin is a reminder to you that life can turn out to be both good and bad. Zebras are outstanding horse family members. People who have this totem animal as their guide are imaginative and understand and question the world. You are experiencing a tough challenge in your life. The zebra spirit animal comes into your life to tell you that there are many ways of looking at things in life. You see the two colors separately and clearly. The Zebra totem teaches you not to compromise your principles. You are sincere in your efforts to help because you feel the pain of others, which explains your desire to make the world a better place. Because this animal only has its aim in Africa, which is where most of its symbolism comes from. Sometimes, you just have to embrace your life path and be content with yourself. It explains the fact that despite their social nature, they have never been tamed by humankind.

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