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Nylon as a Building Block for Transparent Electronic Devices? Questions? Then it was the famous Criniti’s restaurant chain’s turn to enter into voluntary administration, with several of the 13 sites across the country set to close for good. “After many wonderful years, Jigsaw London will be closing its doors on Friday 29th May. The online retailer now has 23.4 million customers, helping sales and profits to jump. Hints at looming David Jones closures have come less than a week after it was revealed that 53 Target stores across the country would close forever within 12 months, while a further 53 will be converted to Kmarts over the same period. Just yesterday, fashion heavyweight PAS Group announced they’d entered voluntary administration, leaving some of Australia’s best-known labels facing an uncertain future. Quantum Engines With Entanglement as Fuel? Finally, dress pants that are wrinkle-proof, machine-washable, and comfortable enough to wear to bed. — Australia’s leading news site, 53 Target stores across the country would close forever, Jacqui Lambie: ex top staffer sues for unfair dismissal. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. Zeptoseconds: New World Record in Short Time Measurement, All-Terrain Microrobot Flips Through a Live Colon, Scientists Develop 'Mini-Brains' to Help Robots Recognize Pain and to Self-Repair, 'Universal Law of Touch' Will Enable New Advances in Virtual Reality. This year’s retail bloodbath follows a horror 2019 that brought the collapse of a slew of Aussie businesses, with some international players also folding in recent months. However, we are always looking for opportunities, so if one arises for us to reopen here – we will certainly take it!”. Footwear trailblazer Shoes of Prey also met its demise in March last year along with British fashion giant Karen Millen, which in September revealed it would soon shut all Aussie stores, leaving around 80 jobs in peril. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Adrianna Zappavigna May … Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied. The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Clothing - Entrepreneur. Octopus-Inspired Sucker Transfers Delicate ... 'Silent' Mutations Helped Give Coronavirus Edge, Magnetic Fields On Moon from Old Core Dynamo, COVID-19's Massive Impact On Carbon Emissions, Last Moments of Star Devoured by Black Hole, Nitrous Oxide Emissions Pose Climate Threat, Wool-Like Material Can Remember and Change Shape, New Fabric Could Help Keep You Cool in the Summer, Even Without A/C, Graphene Smart Textiles Developed for Heat Adaptive Clothing, New Smart Fabrics from Bioactive Inks Monitor Body and Environment by Changing Color, Sturdy Fabric-Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Takes Us One Step Closer to Wearable Electronics, Flexible Material Shows Potential for Use in Fabrics to Heat, Cool, Durable, Washable Textile Coating Can Repel Viruses, Sensors Woven Into a Shirt Can Monitor Vital Signs, New Textile Could Keep You Cool in the Heat, Warm in the Cold, Gold-Coated Pantyhose Inspire a Technique for Comfortable Light-Emitting Clothing, This Wearable Device Camouflages Its Wearer No Matter the Weather, Fur-Friendly 'Wearable for Pets' and Their Humans. Trump, Biden‘s mics to mute for 2 minutes in presidential de... Commonwealth Bank cuts savings rate due to low interest rate... ASX falls after no clear sign of Cup Day rate cut. From shirts to socks, make sure your attire sets the right tone. Australian department store Harris Scarfe was also placed into voluntary administration in mid-December. Later that month, Muscle Coach, a leading fitness company, was put into voluntary administration after a director received a devastating diagnosis and the company racked up debts of almost $1 million. Founded in 1970, the retailer is one of many to have suffered under the weight of COVID-19 restrictions. All times AEDT (GMT +11). Administrators were appointed, and scores of stores have since collapsed. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Scientists Invent Threads to Detect Gases When Woven Into Clothing, 3D Printer Threads Electronic Fibers Onto Fabrics, True-Meaning Wearable Displays: Self-Powered, Washable and Wearable, Electronic 'word of Mouth' Useful in Detecting, Predicting Fashion Trends, Scientists Develop First Fabric to Automatically Cool or Insulate Depending on Conditions, Materials Chemists Tap Body Heat to Power 'smart Garments', Graphene Unlocks New Potential for 'smart Textiles', Materials Scientist Creates Fabric Alternative to Batteries for Wearable Devices, Wearable Heating Pad With Nanowires to Conduct Heat, Engineering Team Designs Technology for Smart Materials, Novel Sensors Could Enable Smarter Textiles, Thermal Switch Discovered in Engineered Squid-Based Biomaterials, E Textiles Control Home Appliances With the Swipe of a Finger, Wastewater Treatment Plants Are Key Route Into UK Rivers for Microplastics, Researchers Mimic Comet Moth's Silk Fibers to Make 'air-Conditioned' Fabric, Researchers Improve Textile Composite Manufacturing, Fungi in Fashion: Mushrooms, Feathers Combine in Biodegradable Shoes, Software Automatically Generates Knitting Instructions for 3-D Shapes, Electric Textile Lights a Lamp When Stretched, Squid Skin Could Be the Solution to Camouflage Material, Infection Outbreaks at Hospitals Could Be Reduced by Copper-Coated Uniforms, A Ski Jacket That Actively Gets Rid of Sweat, Researchers Trained Neural Networks to Be Fashion Designers (Sort Of), Fully Integrated Circuits Printed Directly Onto Fabric, New SOFT E-Textiles Could Offer Advanced Protection for Soldiers and Emergency Personnel, How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without Electronics, New Deep Learning Models: Fewer Neurons, More Intelligence, New Virtual Reality Software Allows Scientists to 'Walk' Inside Cells, Astrophysics Team Lights the Way for More Accurate Model of the Universe. In January last year, menswear retailer Ed Harry went into voluntary administration, and a week later, Aussie sportswear favourite Skins also revealed it was on the brink of failure after applying for bankruptcy in a Swiss court. The decision was made due to the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating impact on the retail sector, the brand confirmed in an FAQ page. The UK parent company of this clothing retailer has announced the closure of all its Australian stores due to the coronavirus downturn. Content on this website is for information only. In October, celebrity chef Shannon Bennett’s Melbourne burger chain Benny Burger was also placed into administration, followed by seven Red Rooster outlets in Queensland just days later and then Aussie activewear sensation Stylerunner, which has since been sold to Accent Group Limited. At the end of that month, the Napoleon Perdis beauty empire announced the cult make-up chain’s 56 Aussie stores had closed for stocktake. Owner H Young Holdings said the Poole-based business would shut by January. Wool-Like Material Can Remember and Change Shape. US election live: Donald Trump and Joe Biden enter final str... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. “The coronavirus outbreak has had a severe impact on retailers around the world,” the company wrote. Sleek, sophisticated shoes that go from the boardroom to everyday life with ease. It was closely followed by discount legend Dimmeys. The Haspel family's namesake clothing company, founded in 1909, continues to evolve while maintaining tradition. Comfortable, chic options that translate from the office to after-work cocktails with ease. Copyright © 2020 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Be in the boardroom at four and at the barbecue at five without needing a change. The UK parent company of this clothing retailer has announced the closure of all its Australian stores due to the coronavirus downturn. Clothes Last Longer and Shed Fewer Microfibers in Quicker, Cooler Washing Cycles, Shape-Changing Textiles Powered Only by Body Heat, Flexible, Wearable Supercapacitors Based on Porous Nanocarbon Nanocomposites, That New Yarn? Have any problems using the site? The weather's changing. 1 2. Entrepreneur® and its related marks are registered trademarks of Entrepreneur Media Inc. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied. Jigsaw is the latest casualty as a string of retail store have buckled under the pandemic’s pressure. October 17, 2020. Aussies won’t be able to shop online from the retailer either, with the website already shut down. Here's how you can dress to make sure you fit any definition. RELATED: Retailers close doors, go purely online, RELATED: Aussie restaurants and retail stores ‘bleeding out’ during pandemic, The brand reached out to its customer base via email, advising shoppers that they are focusing on their UK-based stores for now. Wearable, Washable Textile Devices Are Possible With MXene-Coated Yarns, Smart Insole Can Double as Lifesaving Technology for Diabetic Patients, A New, Natural Wax Coating That Makes Garments Water-Resistant and Breathable, Laser Printing Tech Produces Waterproof E-Textiles in Minutes. As the lockdowns strengthen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, several huge brands have had to close their doors and lay off thousands of workers.

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