baby island review

It appeals to their love of wee ones--as Mary, the elder sister, often quotes, "there's a heap of good in just holding a nice clean baby"--as well as any child's fascination with imaginary desert islands, like those depicted in, My 8 year old niece and I have started a book club. I picked this book up from the Dublin library discard shelf around the time that Harriet was a newborn. I just finished this again for the first time in over 20 years, and it was still cute. This book is a spin on “Robinson Crusoe”-basically two girls get stuck on an island with four babies and have to take care of them. Does it say and I just managed to miss it? And I have to admit, I think this is more of a girl book than a boy book...that's not to say that boys might not enjoy the story, but I don't think they'd pick it out to read, as the protagonists are females and their main dilemma is how to care for four babies. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. First edition (publ. , fills her pages with rich vocabulary and description, so this really is quality children's literature. I read Baby Island over and over when I was a child. I absolutely loved it and have always been a reader, but this book has always stayed in my memory as one of my favorites. The older sister is quite the mother hen, while the younger, butcher sister takes on the more masculine role of provider. They land on an Island and make a little home for themselves there. Refresh and try again. Cars exist, so it can't be that far back, but the girls and Mr. P are comparatively old fashioned. I loved this exciting adventure story so much as a 4th grader that I actually still have my paperback from the 70s, but mine is too aged by time and my mom's cigarette smoke to be passed down to my granddaughters, so I bought them all their own brand new copies. She finds canned meat. This was written decades ago, so some of the words are a little outdated for today, but that just adds to the charm. It takes place in the pacific ocean where Jean and Mary 10 and 12 find themselves in charge of 4 little children after a shipwreck. It's pretty unrealistic (seriously, the babies don't cry for much of anything, a tooth pops up right over the course of an afternoon, and there are no diaper changes in sight), but it's such a fun little story. They have to search for food and even find someone else living on the island, just like in Robinson Crusoe. Fun breezy read, and we’re excited to introduce her to other childhood favorite books!

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