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The Sacramento and San Antonio franchises left the WLAF and were set to join the Canadian Football League in 1993. The record is held by a lesser-known player named Josef Bican. Photographs-This is a chicken and egg problem. 3 TDs) 7-24-74, 122 Keith Denson, Southern California (Hawaiians) (6 catches) Scotland League. It is a tremendous task in itself, but what happens when a goalkeeper adds another dimension to his play; a flair for goal scoring? 104, 102, 101) (12 games), 1 Joe Profit, Birmingham (Hawaiians) 147, 11-21-74 Claude Watts, That is more than 60 goals more than the second most goal-rich keeper in history, Jose Luis Chilavert. You need to know the number to identify the player. You also need to know the jersey style to accurately identify the year. His record might still burgeon, but irrespective of his future exploits, his record as the best scoring goalkeeper will surely stand the test of time. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is simple: Rogerio Ceni. This unwanted record is held by Derby County. Despite this, the European fans remained loyal, but operations of the WLAF were suspended after the 1992 season as the league lost money and the involved NFL owners were not willing to invest more. Ceni was a Brazilian goalkeeper who plied his trade for Sao Paulo. 11-6-74, 24 Shreveport (15), Charlotte (9) 11-6-74, 0 Hawaiians (Southern California) 7-17-74 San Antonio (Portland) (Hawaiians) 7-28-74 (3 TD Rush, 2 TD Receiving, 1 AP), 14 Al Davis, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74, 7 Joe Profit, Art Cantrelle, Bob Brown (Birmingham) Tommy Reamon, Greg Latta, Rod Foster (Florida), 5 Mark Kellar, Chicago (Hawaiians) 7-28-74, Willie Spencer, Memphis (Jacksonville) 10-2-74, 2 Al Davis, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74, 1 Joe Profit, Art Cantrelle, Bob Brown (Birmingham) Tommy Reamon, Greg Latta, Rod Foster (Florida), 3 Dave Williams, Southern California (Jacksonville) 9-25-74 (3 Pass Tod Maher and Mark Speck's book: "World Football League Encyclopedia." England League. The league consisted of the three existing European teams from the original format as well as three new teams in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf (who would compete as Rhein) and Edinburgh (who would compete as Scotland). 1974 | 1975 | WFL Yearly Standings WFL Yearly Leaders. American Football Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. 1890-91 to 2014-15. 17.10.2020 16:03. 12-5-74, 121 Jack Connors, Southern California (Houston) 8-15-74, 82 Rod Foster, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 90 Jack Connor, Southern California (Houston) (TD), 8-15-74, 76 Rod Foster, Florida (Birmingham) (TD), 12-5-74, 76 Rod Foster, Florida (Birmingham) (TD) 12-5-74, 9 Memphis (Birmingham) 7-24-74 Hawaiians (Memphis) 8-21-74 The World League of American Football (WLAF) was founded in 1990 with support from the National Football League to play professional American football in North America, Europe and later possibly Asia. 1888-89 to 2014-15. The World League of American Football (WLAF) was founded in 1990 with support from the National Football League to play professional American football in North America, Europe and later possibly Asia.This came after the NFL had played popular American Bowls in London's Wembley Stadium and elsewhere since 1986.. France League. You need to know the number to identify the player. It is a record that is assured of its standing in history. 1893-94 to 2014-15. 11-21-74, 21 Bob Davis, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 29 Reggie Oliver, Jacksonville (Philadelphia (59 Attempted) 9-11-74, 280 Jim "King" Corcoran, Philadelphia 1974, 17 John Huarte, Memphis (Florida) (22 Attempted) 11-29-74, 8 Bob Davis, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 923 Tony Adams, Southern California (Portland) (12 of 13) 8-28-74, 773 John Huarte, Memphis (Florida) (17 of 22) 11-29-74, 381 Bob Davis, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 5 Virgil Carter, Chicago (Birmingham) 9-7-74, 31 Jim "King" Corcoran, Philadelphia 1974, 2 Randy Johnson, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74 Bob Davis, The 1950 World Cup final – Brazil versus Uruguay. Charlotte (Philadelphia) 9-6-75, 6 Southern California (San Antonio) 8-9-75, 8 Detroit 95), New York (3) 9-24-74, Chicago (5), Florida (3) Coverage in Canada was led by RDS, a French-language broadcaster, which focused on Montreal Machine games. The WLAF played two seasons with 10 teams in the spring of 1991 and 1992, with the World Bowl as championship games. He was also extraordinarily good at set-pieces. vs. Houston 8-15-74), 1 13 Players (Longest by Clayton Heath, Hawaiians 93 yards Vs. With 99 international goals to his name as things stand, Cristiano Ronaldo should break the record in the coming years. San Antonio vs. Shreveport 10-19-75), 11 Florida (Houston) 7-31-74 Jacksonville (Philadelphia) 9-11-74, 20 Jacksonville (11), Philadelphia (9) 9-11-74, 8 Florida (Philadelphia) 11-21-74 Birmingham (Florida) 12-5-74, 14 Florida (8), Philadelphia (6) 11-21-74, 1 Philadelphia (New York) 9-2-74 Southern California (Birmingham) During those five years, Madrid enjoyed a stranglehold over European football unlike any other and set them on their path to become the greatest European side ever. 3. This incredible achievement will never be replicated, with globalisation taking its effect on football and fans' increasing fervour for expensive signings. The record for most appearances over a career is held by, free-scoring goalkeeper, Rogerio Ceni. Throughout 38 games, Derby managed to win only one game – against Newcastle. Stadium disasters since 1950 have seen a shift in public perception of safety and has helped enforce stricter regulations on match-going crowds. Certain records are meant to stand the test of time, immortalised in their glory and accomplishment. The World Football League was a short-lived American football league that played in 1974 and part of 1975.Although this pro grid circuit's proclaimed ambition was to bring American football onto a worldwide stage, the farthest the WFL reached was placing a team – the Hawaiians – in Honolulu, Hawaii.The league folded partway into its second season, in 1975. Names like Pele, Romario and Gerd Muller will surely be brought up in any discussion about this record. (1), 1975, 240 Shreveport/Houston, (Detroit, 209 - played just 14 games) 1974, 21 Florida (18), Philadelphia (3) 11-21-74, 5 Memphis (Jacksonville) 10-2-74, Memphis (Chicago) 11-7-74, San However, the National Football League still liked the idea of a spring developmental league—and they needed another pro Football league to help their cause in the antitrust and free agency lawsuit with the National Football League Players' Association. Champions Stats. (Detroit) 9-24-74 Gerard Williams, Birmingham (Portland) 9-25-74 Willie The original WLAF was a spring developmental American football league which had 10 teams playing a 10-game regular season. The official number stands at 1115, which is a huge total, but still not the most by a player. Unless otherwise stated, records are taken from the Football League or Premier League. Throughout his career, he made 1217 appearances. Antonio) 10-12-75, 2 Adrian Young, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74, 1 Willie Smith, Birmingham (Florida) 12-5-74, 96 Joe Womack, San Antonio (Shreveport) (TD) 10-19-75, 42 Adrian Young, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74, 4 Gerard Williams, Birmingham (Florida) 12-5-74, 40 Adrian Young, Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74, 1 22 PLAYERS tied with one. Philadelphia (San Antonio) 10-4-75, 18 Grant Guthrie, Jacksonville-Birmingham 1974, 2 Rod Garcia, Southern California (Hawaiians) 11-21-74, 51 Grant Guthrie, Jacksonville (Birmingham) 8-21-74 Dave Strock, WFL Teams . Celtic won the European Cup in 1967 with a team consisting of players born and raised in the vicinity of the stadium. World Football Leagues Records & Statistics 1888-2015. (37) 11-29-74, 53 Philadelphia (33), Memphis (20) 8-7-74, 64 Hawaiians (34), Southern California 30, 11-21-74, 18 Shreveport (Birmingham) 10-23-74, Birmingham (Philadelphia) The match between AS Adema and SO l'Emyrne played on 31 October 2002 has been immortalised by the Guinness book of world records for producing the biggest scoreline in club football. In a career spanning two-and-a-half decades, Ceni scored 131 goals. This victory will go down in history as the most complete and convincing, having achieved the intended purpose of association football – to groom local talent and increase the stature of the locality. It is a famous saying, but whoever said it has perhaps not been privy to these football records. The WLAF played two seasons with 10 teams in the spring of 1991 and 1992, … Natures Images Photography - Photos of the Frankfurt Galaxy home games: Lee's Autograph Hall of Fame - Photos of a San Antonio Riders home game with team history: MacGille's World League of American Football website. Ticket policies and safety concerns were a little more reserved in 1950 than it is today. During his stay in Bayern, he also became the first Asian player to play in the UEFA Champions League. … 10-16-74 Memphis (Hawaiians) 10-30-74, 39.27 Florida (39.67), Birmingham (39.13) 12-5-74, 9.27 Florida (39.67), Birmingham (39.13) 12-5-74, 32.11 Southern California (34.3) Hawaiians (31.0) 11-21-74, 11 Billy Hobbs, Florida (Houston) (37.4 Average) 7-31-74, 8 Earl Sark, Birmingham (Florida) 12-5-74, 52.3 Danny White, Memphis (Detroit) (4 punts, 64 longest), 8-14-74, 39.67 Dave Strock, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 39.67 Dave Strock, Florida He had helped start the moderately successful American Basketball Association and World Hockey Association, some of whose teams survived long enough to enter the established National Basketball Association and National Hockey League. Photographs-This is a chicken and egg problem. Champions Stats. 10-19-75), 424 Portland (246), Hawaiians (206) 9-6-74, 308 Birmingham (Hawaiians) 11-27-74 2 TEAMS.........379 Birmingham Dubbed the Lisbon lions, they won the European Cup after beating Internazionale 2-1 in the final at Estadio Nacional. It is from this their obsession with the Champions League stems. Chicago (Hawaiians) 10-23-74 Clayton Heath, Hawaiians (Memphis) 9-7-75, 35 Alonzo Emery, Southern California 1974, 5 Keith Denson, Southern California (Hawaiians) 11-21-74, 3 Richard James, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 194 Clayton Heath, Hawaiians (Memphis) 9-7-75, 802 Charlie Reamon, Birmingham (Chicago) 10-30-74, 91 Keith Denson, Southern California (Hawaiians) 11-21-74, 77 Richard James, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 93 Clayton Heath, Hawaiians (Memphis) (TD) 9-7-75, 33 Richard James, Florida (Birmingham) 12-5-74, 10 Jacksonville (6), Southern California (4) 9-25-74, 7 Florida (4), Philadelphia (3), 11-21-74, 0 Hawaiians (Southern California) 11-21-74 Birmingham (Florida) Unfortunately, people who disseminate this fact are, more often than not, wrong. They went on to score 149 own goals leading to a score of 149-0. 12-5-74, 1 Hawaiians (0), Southern California (1) 11-21-74, 26 Chicago, Florida, New York/Charlotte, 1974, 26 Philadelphia (17), Jacksonville (9) 9-11-74, 18 Florida (10), Philadelphia (8) 11-21-74, 1 Five Teams: Birmingham (2), Southern California, Detroit, Portland

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