where’s wally? the fantastic journey

Where’s Waldo? 2 people found this helpful. The Fantastic Journey (originally numbered with a "3"; originally called The Great Waldo Search in North America; now called Where's Waldo? Lg. On an epic journey that takes him from a feast of gobbling gluttons to fighting foresters and deep-sea divers, Waldo accompanies the Wizard Whitebeard and seeks out the twelve scrolls that will reveal the truth about himself. Report abuse. Where's Waldo? Here in the States we know him as Waldo but he started his journey as Wally in Great Britain. Readers are also asked for the first time to find the Wizard's scrolls. I bought this for my 2 year old to have fun with and it's too small I can't even find Wally So disappointed Read more. In the book Wally travels to fantasy lands in search of Wizard Whitebeard's magical scrolls. True-to-the original book concept where player find Waldo and other characters and items across the game's interactive maps. Where's Wally? : The Fantastic Journey features both the single player Single Traveler Mode as well as 2-player versus action in Party Mode, which utilizes a selection of power-ups to hinder your opponent. 3: The Fantastic Journey) and was published in 1989. The Fantastic Journey) was the third Where's Wally?, first released in 1989. The Great Waldo Search requires astute attention t The third book in the series by Martin Handford is The Great Waldo Search (also known as Where's Wally? The book introduces the second recurring Where's Wally character, Wizard Whitebeard. Enjoying a refreshed cover on his fantastic adventure — plus two new pages of games and searches!

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