what does heather mean on tik tok

What does it mean to be a Heather on TikTok? After the Heather trend went viral, the term ‘Heather’ began being used on TikTok to describe a certain type of person.. It uses one of the lines from the film and has gone viral in recent times. So, there are two schools of thought. The Heather dance challenge or 'Shut Up Heather' dance challenge is considered fairly easy to learn as it does not require nearly the amount of choreography that most viral Tiktok dances do. Using the film’s dialogue, this TikTok trend has become globally popular in recent weeks. The song has been wildly popular on TikTok and is also the sound used in the viral Pinterest Trend.Essentially, people post videos using the song and saying they wish they were Heather (i.e., a very nice and attractive person), and then, more often than not, people comment on the video insisting that the person is Heather — in other words, they’re totally lovable and lovely. The first is that it is a positive thing – to be a Heather is to be pretty, popular, or stylish. What does it mean to be a Heather? The ‘Heather’ trend is one such case where TikTokers have taken inspiration from the film Heathers.

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