traitor in a sentence

Morton, with Angus, attacked the Hamiltons, whose chiefs fled the country, accompanied by the worst of traitors, Sir James Balfour. A felon's death Jesus died a felon's death, a traitor to the ruling power in Rome. An asymmetric public - key traitor tracing scheme is proposed based on the bilinear map on elliptic curves. Llewelyn's brother, now David III., designated by the English " the last survivor of that race of traitors," for a few months defied the English forces amongst the fastnesses of Snowdon, but ere long he was captured, tried as a disloyal English baron by a parliament at Shrewsbury, and finally executed under circumstances of great barbarity on the 3rd of October 1283. 28.another journalist, lee jun, said that if caught, he would be branded a Traitor by his government and executed. On re-entering Milan Charles Albert was badly received and reviled as a traitor by the Republicans, and although he declared himself ready to die defending the city the municipality treated with Radetzky for a capitulation; the mob, urged on by the demagogues, made a savage demonstration against him at the Palazzo Greppi, whence he escaped in the night with difficulty and returned to Piedmont with his defeated armp. I cannot track two traitors within my walls. In the dream he saw the bard Zanzibar and believes that Zan is a traitor and caused the downfall of the city. On the 30th of June Sir Henry Lawrence ordered a reconnaissance in force from Lucknow, which met the enemy at Chinhat; but the native sepoys and artillerymen turned traitors, and Sir Henry was forced to retreat to the residency, where the siege now began. On the 10th of November he was brought in guilty before Lord Chief Justice Wray; and in reply to him said: "If our religion do make traitors we are worthy to be condemned; but otherwise are and have been true subjects as ever the queen had.". 30.Traitor? The commissioner of drive back up garvey eds race traitor. If nothing else, she wanted to correct him about the Peak, to tell him she'd thought she'd been saving everyone on the mountain by taking the very keypads that might kill them in the hands of a traitor. Examples of Traitor in a sentence. 27.she denied that she had turned Traitor. 0. Although some folk musicians and fans considered him the ultimate traitor, Dylan singlehandedly turned protest music on its head and made the folk movement seem a lot less cool. These radicals are considered dangerous traitors to their species, but their numbers are growing. "Jenn, your mission is to help the Black God root out traitors and find out what the Others are doing," Damian said, interested in the dynamics between the two.

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