vega star facts

Vega is surrounded by a large disc of dust, which suggests that planet forming activity is or has … The star is about 40 times brighter than the Sun, but because it's 25 light-years away, it seems dimmer. With an apparent magnitude of 0.026, it is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra and the fifth brightest star in the sky, after Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri and Arcturus. Vega Facts Vega is a a0vvar main sequence star that can be located in the constellation of Lyra. Vega is also the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, slightly fainter only than Arcturus and just … The description is based on the spectral class. Vega is a main star of the constellation outline. Vega was one of the stars used to define the magnitude scale, so it has an apparent magnitude around 0 (+0.026). If the Sun was viewed from Vega, in contrast, its magnitude would only be a faint 4.3. Vega is surrounded by a huge disk of dust, which shows that planet formation activity was going on … Vega, Alpha Lyrae (α Lyr), is a bright white main sequence star located only 25 light years from Earth.

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