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The second season cast includes 94 credited roles: 15 starring and 73 guest (20 regular, 43 recurring, and 16 single episode) and 30 uncredited roles. Likely, they're the people Wood Harris and Larry Gilliard, Jr. reprised their roles as newly incarcerated drug dealers Avon and D'Angelo Barksdale. ("Collateral Damage") D'Angelo decides to cut ties to his family after his uncle organizes the deaths of several inmates and blames it on a corrupt guard to shave time from his sentence. Meanwhile, police Major Stan Valchek gets into a feud with stevedore union leader Frank Sobotka over competing donations to their old neighborhood church. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "The Wire" Season 2 Episode 9 . who were bringing in the girls... Coming down to work on retainer, The coroner determines the women suffocated because of a crushed air pipe on the top of the container. with the guy. He contracts a feared assassin named Brother Mouzone. Refresh your memories of season 1 of HBO's the wire. ("Bad Dreams") The investigation ends with the fourteen homicides solved but the perpetrator already dead. Andre Royo returned as Bubbles, who continued to indulge his drug addiction and act as an occasional informant. No profile, no street rep. Nick refuses his offer. Twitter Share. Avon tells Stringer that he needs to help with Tilghman and asks that he find Donette. Detective Freamon with Baltimore Homicide. McNulty harbors a vendetta against his former commanders for assigning him to the marine unit. "Ebb Tide" is the first episode of The Wire (season 2) second season of the HBO original series, The Wire. -Ounces? Facebook Share. Avon, unaware of the arrangement, assumes that Joe and other dealers are moving into his territory simply because the Barksdale organization has too few enforcers. Beadie and McNulty meet with the coroner, who agrees that this is grounds to consider the deaths as homicides. Wendell Pierce portrayed homicide detective William Moreland, who became more involved with the core case. ("Storm Warnings") However, the Greek learns about this through the FBI and scuppers the case against himself by having Sobotka killed. The episode was written by David Simon, from a story by Simon and Ed Burns, and was directed by Ed Bianchi. The Major is pleased that Sobotka was arrested; the case is seen as a success by the commanding officers, but is viewed as a failure by the detail. ("Stray Rounds") Stringer deals with this by tricking his old adversary Omar into believing that Mouzone was responsible for the vicious killing of his partner in their feud in season one. ("Port in a Storm"), Across town, the Barksdale organization continues its business under Stringer while Avon and D'Angelo Barksdale serve prison time. HBO. Vondas was the underboss of a global smuggling operation, Russell an inexperienced Port Authority officer and single mother thrown in at the deep end of a multiple homicide investigation, and Sobotka a union leader who turned to crime in order to raise funds to save his union. Several drug dealers and mid-level smuggling figures tied to the Greek are arrested, but he and his second-in-command escape uncharged and unidentified. Frank meets with his smuggling contact Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos, insisting on being informed when human cargo moves through the docks. These Colombians I went to Southern High School Sonja Sohn played Shakima Greggs, who had transferred to a desk job but could not resist the lure of a good case. Christ, no. The second season of the American television drama series The Wire premiered on June 1, 2003 and concluded on August 24th, 2003. Our friend in Washington Using fake Coast Guard identification, Serge and an associate go to Philadelphia and order the ship held in port. At the bar, Ziggy asks his cousin Nick to partner with him in selling drugs through a connection named "White Mike." and y'all are leaving me Meanwhile, Bunk learns that McNulty spent three hours working out where his floater was dumped in order to establish that it fell under Rawls' jurisdiction. Wee-Bey Brice is harassed by a corrections officer named Dwight Tilghman, who is the cousin of one of the victims of a crime that Wee-Bey took the fall for. When fourteen young unidentified women are found dead in the port area, he makes a point of proving that they were murdered in his commanders' jurisdiction. very little to work with right now. Her body was dumped overboard while the crew killed the other women to silence them. Without title, Twitter Share. ("All Prologue") Avon is unaware of Stringer's duplicity and mourns the loss of his nephew. This was a reduction of 21% from the previous week's season premiere. -Still, I was out of line, Fitz. When Brianna informs him that the New York Dominicans are no longer doing business with the Barksdales, Avon recommends an Atlanta contact named Vargas. Brianna and Avon also note that D'Angelo's girlfriend Donette has not been keeping in touch with him. ("Collateral Damage") Around him, his son and nephew also turn to crime, as they have few other opportunities to earn money. ‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 2 – ‘All Due Respect’ (Newbies edition) Alan Sepinwall Facebook Twitter Senior Television Writer. It originally aired on June 1, 2003. SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails The Wire. Season 1 • Season 2 • Season 3 • Season 4 • Season 5. On the new drug corner they commandeered from their rivals, Bodie and crew sell their repackaged dope, newly named WMD. The police were overseen by two commanding officers more concerned with politics and their own careers than the case, Major William Rawls (John Doman) and Acting Commissioner Ervin Burrell (Frankie Faison). This week, Kima reenacts one of the all-time classic Wire scenes when, upon getting to spend a weekend with her son, she buys an Ikea bed and has a hell of a time trying to cobble the damn thing together while under the influence, a task that severely tried McNulty’s patience when he took a shot at it back in (I believe) season two. ("All Prologue") They again use wiretaps to infiltrate the crime ring and slowly work their way up the chain towards The Greek, the mysterious man in charge. The episode was written by David Simon from a story by Simon and Ed Burns and was directed by Ed Bianchi. Early in the second episode of Season Four of The Wire, Marlo (played with ominous elegance by Jamie Hector, above) takes a tour of the neighborhoods to show concern for his constituents, in this case clusters of children wringing one more week from summer. Deirdre Lovejoy starred as assistant state's attorney Rhonda Pearlman, the legal liaison between the detail and the courthouse. Life for the blue-collar men of the port is increasingly hard and work is scarce. this deep in dirt... -It's him. waiting to see It originally aired on June 8, 2003. Rawls meets with the commanders of the other jurisdictions involved with the Jane Does, who all insist that the murders occurred in his jurisdiction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The second season continued to follow characters in the police and those involved with the Barksdale Organization. McNulty finds that the air pipe has been crushed deliberately. ("Hard Cases") Eventually Stringer covertly orders D'Angelo killed, faking it as a suicide. Season 1 • Season 2 • Season 3 • Season 4 • Season 5 The second season of the American television drama series The Wire premiered on June 1, 2003 and concluded on August 24th, 2003. Returning guest stars included: Seth Gilliam as newly promoted Sergeant Ellis Carver; Domenick Lombardozzi as errant Detective Thomas Hauk; J.D. Just buy for $1, sell for $2. After Frank threatens him, Valchek visits a property developer, Andy Krawczyk, and learns that Frank's union, despite its financial troubles, has given large political contributions. When one of the crewmen comes ashore, they chase him down, beat him, and throw him into the back seat.

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