the moon and sixpence pdf

/ProcSet 2 0 R 0000045490 00000 n /Parent 595 0 R Tj T* -0.0973 Tc 0.2173 Tw ("I didn't," he answered, frowning. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.071 Tc 0.191 Tw (He stared at me without the slightest movement. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0835 Tc 0.2035 Tw (He turned to me with a smile.) The Prime Minister) Tj T* -0.0358 Tc 0.1558 Tw (out of office is seen, too often, to have been but a pompous) Tj T* -0.0766 Tc 0.1966 Tw (rhetorician, and the General without an army is but the tame) Tj T* -0.048 Tc 0.168 Tw (hero of a market town. Tj T* -0.0728 Tc 0.1928 Tw ("It's only right that you shouldn't disapprove of me.) Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0756 Tc 0.1956 Tw ("Shall I get rid of Strickland for you?" I have had a few aches and pains lately) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1065 Tc 0.2265 Tw (and a little fever, but that's nothing; it will pass off.) He was getting something of a paunch, and) Tj T* -0.0493 Tc 0.1693 Tw (sorrow had no effect on it. /Contents 475 0 R /Resources << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0391 Tc 0.1591 Tw (He was sore and bruised, and his thoughts went back to the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0927 Tc 0.2127 Tw (tenderness of his mother's love. << It's quite clear now that) Tj T* -0.0821 Tc 0.2021 Tw (when I thought Charles was at his club he was with her.") Tj T* -0.1562 Tc 0.2762 Tw ("He thrashed me within an inch of my life, and then he made me) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0748 Tc 0.1948 Tw (marry Captain Johnson. It's waiting for him. /F0 6 0 R I took him to the Louvre, and he pretended to) Tj T* -0.0254 Tc 0.1454 Tw (look at pictures, but I saw that his thoughts were constantly) Tj T* -0.0864 Tc 0.2064 Tw (with his wife. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0962 Tc 0.2162 Tw (A quotation from the Bible came to my lips, but I held my tongue,) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0933 Tc 0.2133 Tw (for I know that clergymen think it a little) Tj T* -0.0855 Tc 0.2055 Tw (blasphemous when the laity poach upon their preserves.) endobj /Type /Pages stream << He was a nice, quiet fellow.) << endobj "And the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0925 Tc 0.2125 Tw (French aren't so damned technical.") 650 0 obj /Font << /Length 245 0 R Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.072 Tc 0.192 Tw ("What on earth can it be that two people so dissimilar as you) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1146 Tc 0.2346 Tw (and Strickland could aim at?" Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0801 Tc 0.2001 Tw (For all we know they may have settled down into a most) Tj T* -0.0563 Tc 0.1763 Tw (domestic couple.") He'll do us some great harm.) stream 245 0 obj Tj ET endstream stream /Count 210 endobj They had a significance which was all their own.) Tj T* -0.0524 Tc 0.1724 Tw ("I don't know. BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0256 Tc 0.1456 Tw (or two friends of Tiare's, and danced, though now to the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0955 Tc 0.2155 Tw (wheezy music of a gramaphone. /Parent 557 0 R The first edition of the novel was published in 1937, and was written by W. Somerset Maugham. Tj T* -0.0666 Tc 0.1866 Tw (Her attitude towards him at first perplexed me. At last the tears ran from his eyes.) Tj T* -0.0654 Tc 0.1854 Tw (I asked the girl if he was not well enough to have come down to) Tj T* -0.0551 Tc 0.1751 Tw (see me. I forget who it was) Tj ET endstream 0000098406 00000 n I sever dreamed that Charlie was the sort of) Tj T* -0.091 Tc 0.211 Tw (man to get infatuated with anyone. Tj T* -0.0225 Tc 0.1425 Tw ("Have you begun to go to a studio here?") Gone were the Morris papers and gone the) Tj T* -0.0419 Tc 0.1619 Tw (severe cretonnes, gone were the Arundel prints that had) Tj T* -0.0996 Tc 0.2196 Tw (adorned the walls of her drawingroom in Ashley Gardens; the) Tj T* -0.0711 Tc 0.1911 Tw (room blazed with fantastic colour, and I wondered if she knew) Tj T* -0.0818 Tc 0.2018 Tw (that those varied hues, which fashion had imposed upon her,) Tj T* -0.0173 Tc 0.1373 Tw (were due to the dreams of a poor painter in a South Sea) Tj T* -0.1142 Tc 0.2342 Tw (island. He lay on his back limply, as) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0832 Tc 0.2032 Tw (though all the strength had gone out of his limbs, and) Tj T* -0.0868 Tc 0.2068 Tw (presently I saw that he had fallen asleep. Tj T* -0.0543 Tc 0.1743 Tw (But you are prepared for the greatness of Michael Angelo.) 0000444325 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.095 Tc 0.215 Tw (When he told me this he put his hand to his cheek as though he) Tj ET endstream Tj T* -0.0752 Tc 0.1952 Tw (He sits him in a seat of honour. "She doesn't like him. 3863 /Length 631 0 R What he) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0869 Tc 0.2069 Tw (said had a hateful truth in it, and another defect of my) Tj T* -0.055 Tc 0.175 Tw (character is that I enjoy the company of those, however) Tj T* -0.0925 Tc 0.2125 Tw (depraved, who can give me a Roland for my Oliver. /Contents 618 0 R /Length 223 0 R 404 0 obj Tj T* -0.1008 Tc 0.2208 Tw ("I suppose it escaped your memory that you'd ruined his life?") /Parent 291 0 R /Type /Page /Parent 234 0 R 0000441161 00000 n Tj T* -0.0278 Tc 0.1478 Tw (She changed the conversation as though it were a matter to) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0609 Tc 0.1809 Tw (which she attached no importance. << << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.084 Tc 0.204 Tw ("You know the way people talk. /Contents 10 0 R stream Nothing ever happened in that little town, left) Tj T* -0.1346 Tc 0.2546 Tw (behind by the advance of civilisation, and one year followed) Tj T* -0.0665 Tc 0.1865 Tw (the next till death came, like a friend, to give rest to those) Tj T* -0.1058 Tc 0.2258 Tw (who had laboured so diligently.) Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.048 Tc 0.168 Tw ("Oh no.") I never knew anyone with so) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0394 Tc 0.1594 Tw (compassionate a heart.") stream /Resources << 305 0 obj I knew) Tj T* -0.0872 Tc 0.2072 Tw (when he was dying he'd send for me, and I was ready to go;) Tj T* -0.0856 Tc 0.2056 Tw (I'd have nursed him like a mother, and at the last I'd have told) Tj T* -0.0993 Tc 0.2193 Tw (him that it didn't matter, I'd loved him always, and I forgave) Tj T* -0.1688 Tc 0.2888 Tw (him everything.") 0000465773 00000 n << >> 667 0 obj 0000307060 00000 n /Parent 500 0 R Life had a great) Tj T* -0.0778 Tc 0.1978 Tw (deal to offer her. 'My poor) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1075 Tc 0.2275 Tw (Strickland,' I said to him, 'they've all got a wife somewhere;) Tj T* -0.1123 Tc 0.2323 Tw (that is generally why they come to the islands. Do you know) Tj T* -0.0677 Tc 0.1877 Tw (yourself? Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0571 Tc 0.1771 Tw (I found Dirk waiting for me on the steps. /Contents 279 0 R We began to) Tj T* -0.028 Tc 0.148 Tw (chat about vintages and tobacco. Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1039 Tc 0.2239 Tw (It's impossible to leave him in that wretched hole.") endobj stream 0000319515 00000 n Then he happened on a job to translate the) Tj T* -0.0772 Tc 0.1972 Tw (advertisements of patent medicines which were sent broadcast) Tj ET endstream Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1011 Tc 0.2211 Tw (He didn't say anything. 675 0 obj 378 0 obj I was one of the) Tj T* -0.0375 Tc 0.1575 Tw (guests at the wedding feast." Tj T* -0.1215 Tc 0.2415 Tw (There is the rustle of the myriad animals on the beach, all) Tj T* -0.1021 Tc 0.2221 Tw (the little shelled things that crawl about ceaselessly, and) Tj T* -0.0845 Tc 0.2045 Tw (there is the noisy scurrying of the land-crabs. 320 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0826 Tc 0.2026 Tw ("I shall go up into the mountain," said Strickland.) There was never a) Tj T* -0.0597 Tc 0.1797 Tw (pause, and the noise grew louder. /F0 6 0 R 0000176039 00000 n Whither thou goest I) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.022 Tc 0.142 Tw (will go, too.") I can't blame her if she's fallen) Tj T* -0.1129 Tc 0.2329 Tw (in love with Strickland.") Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0611 Tc 0.1811 Tw ("You don't mean to say you know him?" stream Tj T* -0.1295 Tc 0.2495 Tw (Grief and jealousy and rage seized him, and he cried) Tj T* -0.1167 Tc 0.2367 Tw (out hoarsely; he was inarticulate; he clenched his fists and) Tj T* -0.1417 Tc 0.2617 Tw (raised them threateningly at an invisible enemy. /F0 6 0 R Tj T* -0.0659 Tc 0.1859 Tw (He looked upon privation as no hardship. For a moment I hesitated to strike a light.) Perhaps.) He was of uncertain temper. 549 0 obj 438 0 obj Tj T* -0.0303 Tc 0.1503 Tw (I could not think of any retort to this, so I asked if Mrs.) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1102 Tc 0.2302 Tw (Strickland had children.) >> I did not know how he would) Tj T* -0.0115 Tc 0.1315 Tw (take the remark I had prepared.) /Length 217 0 R He could no longer laugh with) Tj T* -0.0449 Tc 0.1649 Tw (those who laughed at him. 0000455668 00000 n What had happened could) Tj T* -0.1114 Tc 0.2314 Tw (only be a dream, a frightful dream; and when he turned the key) Tj T* -0.0771 Tc 0.1971 Tw (and opened the door, he would see her bending slightly over) Tj T* -0.0821 Tc 0.2021 Tw (the table in the gracious attitude of the woman in Chardin's) Tj T* -0.1243 Tc 0.2443 Tw (, which always seemed to him so exquisite.) >> >> Besides, Strickland was not sympathetic) Tj T* -0.05 Tc 0.17 Tw (to me. Tj T* -0.0429 Tc 0.1629 Tw (He nodded to me and walked away. Tj T* -0.0424 Tc 0.1624 Tw (I dare say they're not very good.") >> When I've satisfied) Tj T* -0.0965 Tc 0.2165 Tw (my passion I'm ready for other things. /Length 378 0 R stream /ProcSet 2 0 R stream /Type /Page >> I was sorry for him, he was so thin, and he) Tj T* -0.0819 Tc 0.2019 Tw (never had any money. Murea, the sister isle, comes into view) Tj T* -0.0958 Tc 0.2158 Tw (in rocky splendour, rising from the desert sea mysteriously,) Tj T* -0.1289 Tc 0.2489 Tw (like the unsubstantial fabric of a magic wand. endobj 13 0 obj /Length 52 0 R >> 654 0 obj Tj T* -0.1145 Tc 0.2345 Tw (He was young still, and in a few years he would look back on all) Tj T* -0.1367 Tc 0.2567 Tw (his misery with a sadness in which there would be something) Tj T* -0.0505 Tc 0.1705 Tw (not unpleasurable. << They were sullen with) Tj T* -0.0446 Tc 0.1646 Tw (unawaited dangers, and to eat them might turn a man to beast) Tj T* -0.0677 Tc 0.1877 Tw (or god. endobj >> /Length 432 0 R Tj 0 -56.64 TD -0.0013 Tc 0.1213 Tw (Chapter VI) Tj 0 -42.48 TD -0.0637 Tc 0.1837 Tw (But when at last I met Charles Strickland, it was under) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.084 Tc 0.204 Tw (circumstances which allowed me to do no more than just make) Tj T* -0.0863 Tc 0.2063 Tw (his acquaintance. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0812 Tc 0.2012 Tw (In a few weeks the authorities received his resignation of the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0128 Tc 0.1328 Tw (coveted position on the staff. Tj 0 -56.64 TD 0.0142 Tc 0.1058 Tw (Chapter XIII) Tj ET endstream /Contents 140 0 R Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1064 Tc 0.2264 Tw (They think a man leaves only because he wants others.) When she caught Strickland's eye she smiled.) >> /Parent 329 0 R Tj T* -0.0879 Tc 0.2079 Tw (Feeling their gaze, she raised her own, and for a moment) Tj T* -0.0117 Tc 0.1317 Tw (they stared at one another. To have known her is a privilege.) 674 0 obj 264 0 obj stream But really --" He) Tj T* -0.0861 Tc 0.2061 Tw (shrugged his shoulders. A chapter) Tj T* -0.1077 Tc 0.2277 Tw (of my life was closed, and I felt a little nearer to) Tj T* -0.12 Tc 0.24 Tw (inevitable death.) You owe me a dinner, you know.") Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0694 Tc 0.1894 Tw (Captain Brunot was a Breton, and had been in the French Navy.) 41 0 obj endobj >> It has also to my mind a beauty of) Tj T* -0.0291 Tc 0.1491 Tw (its own.) Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0814 Tc 0.2014 Tw (I was astonished, and at the same time I was very much excited.) >> Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0365 Tc 0.1565 Tw ("How strange that you should say that!" Here all the decencies of) Tj T* -0.096 Tc 0.216 Tw (civilisation are swept away, and you feel that men are face to) Tj T* -0.0811 Tc 0.2011 Tw (face with a sombre reality. Suddenly he gave a chuckle.) >> Tj T* -0.0784 Tc 0.1984 Tw (The Cuillere de Soupe and the Asile de Nuit were both) Tj T* -0.0625 Tc 0.1825 Tw (closed to them, and their only sustenance was the wedge of) Tj T* -0.0784 Tc 0.1984 Tw (bread which the Bouchee de Pain provided.

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