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You may email it to me at. Answer key: A: 3, 1 5, 2, 7, 8, 4, 6 B: 1. polls, 2. candidate, 3. ballot, 4. platform, 5. campaign, 6. party, 7. running mate, 8. swing vote B. Bud Johnson. | You may use the activities for a full two-hour class or they can be used separately to brainstorm or wrap up the topic, focusing on conversation, vocabulary and listening comprehension. If New Mexico were genuinely tied after all votes were counted, state law calls for the two tied candidates to settle the tie by a single hand of poker with no draws. In the real world, if a state were tied after the initial count, there would be a recount, which would inevitably call dozens or hundreds of votes into question, which would then render the lone uncounted vote of the movie unimportant. Molly Johnson. On election day, Bud is supposed to meet her at the polling place. Bud is a slacker with one good thing in his life, his engaging fifth-grade daughter Molly. The art or act of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging ... Great actors in this funny romantic comedy. Swing Vote: Swing vote is a term that is often used in American politics and journalism. See how well you do in the Swing vote movie quiz. Do you like to vote? Politics, politicians and about the polls. On election day, Bud is supposed to meet her at the polling place. Optional. This movie also has the media itself come alive in mostly every chapter. The election came down to New Mexico's five electoral votes. I really thought I would not like this blockbuster, but I was totally wrong. Test. Work individually. Do you remember who you voted for in the previous elections? Tell the world what you think about Swing Vote. Swing Vote -- Digital and Print versions included. Spell. Be the first to share a Swing Vote question! 5. User Ratings Write. If a person gives up on his or her dream, all that will surely follow is sadness and depression. Flashcards. November, 2004, New Mexico. | | lovable loser who is the main male character of the movie, not interested in politics or government. Should voting be mandatory? Why? In the movie, with the electoral votes for the other 49 states (and D.C.) counted, neither candidate had a majority in the electoral college. How is the plot of this movie realistically possible? Fanpop has Swing vote movie trivia questions. How worried are you about the environment? If, after the electoral votes are cast, no candidate has a majority in the electoral college, the election would be decided by the newly-elected US House of Representatives, with each state's body of representatives casting a single vote. You can include an image to complement your Review / Analysis, Try to introduce the movie without revealing crucial plot points, Strange or interesting facts about Swing Vote, Post only the YouTube video URL, not the embed code. Family that includes children from a previous marriage of the wife, husband, or both parents ... 1. 2. Gravity. 3. STUDY. what struggles does … 2. When he doesn't show, she sneaks a ballot and is about to vote when the power goes off. User Reviews It turns out that New Mexico's electoral votes will decide the contest, and there it's tied with one vote needing recasting - Bud's. Swing Vote (2008) Plot. The main purpose of this blog is to share activities to enhance the teacher's lesson plan. The world's media and both presidential candidates, including the current President, descend on Bud in anticipation of his re-vote in two weeks. How do others view this character? Although The Da Vinci Code is not as good as the novel, it is worth seeing. Edit, Awards Swing votes have become increasingly important since the election of 2000, especially in certain key states. It is great at election times. The movie is rated PG-13 and should only be used in a high school classroom. ” Swing Vote” is the actual name of the movie we chose to write about since it pertains to much of what we have discussed in class, such as how citizens have the right to vote. elmerelwood. I hope you like it. Is it important to vote? I love the plot and how it is conducted. Director 'Michael Apted' (qv) revisits the same group of British-born children after a 7 year wait. Earn QUA for FREE by contributing to MovieQUA! And for representatives? When he doesn't show, she sneaks a ballot and is about to vote when the power goes off. The scenario is possible but not even a little bit likely. Why (not)? Love Happens is a nice romantic comedy and I used them to talk... A. Bud's vote would determine the five electoral votes of New Mexico, and with it, the presidency. The subjects are ... Having been 'away' for some time, professional killer Frankie Bono returns to New York to do another job: assassinate... Luke O'Brien, a washed-up salesman turned night law student, decides to sue Satan for $8 trillion dollars. In some states (New Mexico and Florida among them), votes can still be counted after election day. Texico. Match. External Reviews Edit, The scenario is possible but not even a little bit likely. This blog contains a series of movie segments to be used to brainstorm, warm up, follow up, and activate schemata, preparing the students for the topic that will be discussed in class. Take turns asking the questions below. | It isn't until ambitious local news reporter Kate Madison breaks the story that both Bud and Molly understand the implications. 1. 4. Because Brazilian elections are completely different from American's, this scene is perfect to practice vocabulary about elections and conversation. So when election officials track down Bud, he answers that it was his ballot, with Molly still having the stub to prove it. How would you define improvisation? You can include an image to complement your Analysis. In Texico, an error message had caused one vote to go uncounted, the vote of Earnest "Bud" Johnson. They will not replace the course book, but they will make the lessons more attractive and richer. Post a Review / Analysis! Optional. Plastic surg... Take turns asking the following questions... 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Can the clueless Bud, even with the help of Molly and a local TV reporter, handle this responsibility? Bud is a slacker with one good thing in his life, his engaging fifth-grade daughter Molly. This bit concerning the House is covered in Amendment XII to the US Constitution, the scheduling of the decision being a matter of federal law (which, as it stands, places the formal processing of the electoral college results at a time after new term of office for the House begins). But the election in New Mexico was a tie. Share your warm-up activity with movie segments too. Interview each other: 1. My students did. How is the plot of this movie realistically possible? Swing Vote is based on a script by screenwriters Jason Richman and Joshua Michael Stern, who also directed this film. Interview each other. Learn. The #1 Movie Review, Analysis, Question and Answer Site Swing Vote (2008) Synopsis: November, 2004, New Mexico. 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