sweepstakes marketing

Depending on your objectives, does it make sense to host the promotion on your website, Facebook page or some other popular blog? What worked very well and what would you do differently? Instead of offering a cliché prize such as an iPad, they focused on providing a home upgrade to attract a targeted male audience. ), Generate brand loyalty by delighting existing customers with a chance to win a big prize, Automated template generation for sweepstakes’ terms and conditions. Associate sweepstakes with an event: Is the sweepstakes being held to celebrate your business’s third anniversary or the joyous spirit of Christmas? Do you need a guide to ensure that you don’t miss the crucial elements of a successful sweepstakes promotion? Not only does this increase social media engagement, it also gives you a much deeper understanding of your target market. That’s why reminders are vital to maximizing the number of contestants. • Instant Winner Games are a sweepstakes offshoot, but instead of waiting for a random drawing to be conducted consumers find out instantly if they’ve won. What support channels do they offer and what are their hours of support? What do you think? Of that, $2.2 billion went to games, contests and sweepstakes, according to the U.S. Framingham, MA 01702 Also ask about the person’s age and location. Set promotion budget: How much money do you want to spend to promote your sweepstakes? Many of these, noted by the asterisk (*), can be easily implemented over Facebook or a microsite with a tie-in to other social media outlets. Here’s Why They Should Be. Reach out to contestants on Twitter: At the end of each day, look at who entered the sweepstakes on Twitter, check out their Twitter bio and see if they are the right target to engage with. Here’s a list of things for you to do on your Thank-you page or your follow-up emails to increase your sales: Use your follow-up emails as a means to soft-sell your product to increase your sales. With all of our Sweepstakes marketing programs, we include: Still not convinced? RAVEN5’s sweepstakes marketing programs can also work with your existing marketing campaigns to maximize results. Get in Touch. By performing a desired activity you are automatically entered in the sweepstakes. You'll see how you can go from feeling like a small voice in a crowded industry to building your authority with confidence. RAVEN5 provides custom development for both sweepstakes and contests for marketers … 5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Should be a Critical Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy, How to Grow Your Instagram Following from 0 to 1000 Using These 6 Hacks, 7 Smart and Useful Facebook Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business, Influencer Marketing ROI: The Ultimate Guide to Measuring It the Right Way, 10 Tips to Come Up with a Brandable Domain Name for Your Blog, The Age of Influence [Free Preview Edition], How AI is Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing, How to Build an Employee Advocacy Program, The Social Media Tools for Business Guide. Determine launch day: Your promotion gets an early boost if you launch your sweepstakes at the right time and the right day of the week. *Digital Code Number – Participants receive a code number, visit the sponsors Facebook page or promotion website and enter code to see if they win. The 5 Most Skipped Steps When Running a Sweepstakes, How to Prevent “Prize Pigs” from Entering and Winning Your Sweepstakes, Five Types of Video Content Marketing That Will Boost B2B Conversions, How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Delivers High ROI, 7 Reasons Why Brands Fail with Influencer Marketing, How to Use a Social Media Calendar for Corporate Communication, Personalize the Customer Experience with Loyalty Marketing, Why Influencer Marketing?

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