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However, large females may reach nearly 5 feet in some cases, so if size is an important consideration, you’ll want to select a male individual. Very few other species of snake even get close to the overall appearance and contrast of colors you will find in these snakes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Firstly, ball pythons typically only reach around 5 feet in length. Western hognose snakes – like their eastern, southern, and Mexican relatives – possess large fangs in the rear of their mouths. Reptile Advisor is a free resource for reptile owners of all experience levels. Viper boas are an underappreciated species, but it’s easy to see why they aren’t terribly popular: Those available are usually wild-caught, defensive, parasitized animals, who are very difficult to feed. Both corn snakes and hognose snakes are great species to start with. Keeping Exotic Pets is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Their eyes are relatively small and bear elliptical pupils like most other boas. More information on the various corn snake morphs available can be found at the following excellent websites: Corn snakes are constrictors, meaning that they kill their prey by restricting the breathing. Each of these piebalds is different, making each one unique. So, you’ll need to research the specific garter snake species you intend to keep to ensure it will remain within your desired size range., Xenesthis immanis / Columbian Lesserblack Tarantula Care Sheet, Pterinopelma sazimai / Brazilian Blue Tarantula Care Sheet, Chilobrachys fimbriatus (Indian Violet) Tarantula Care Sheet, Martinique Pink Toe (Caribena versicolor) Tarantula Care Sheet, Emperor Scorpion Care: Cages, Feeding & Husbandry. Red-bellied snakes are small, terrestrial serpents who live amid the leaf litter in forests, fields and suburban backyards. Note that due to their small size and speed, milk snakes can be true escape artists. But keepers who don’t mind this will often find Kenyan sand boas to make fantastic pets. These days there are masses of different species of snake currently available in the pet trade. Please use the comments section below and I’ll try to respond ASAP to any questions you may have…, Photo c/o Carlitos Pereira, highlander411, forestwildlife, mariposavet, robertnelson & golgarth. Nevertheless, they’re generally considered harmless to humans. Is it possible to leave a young snake for that long or do we need to hold off on getting it? The hognose snake is very appealing to me since it will not grow quite as large. These attractive snakes are not only beautiful, but their upturned snouts make them appear somewhat “cute.” They’re also available in a variety of color varieties, which means you can have a hognose snake that looks different from the one your friend keeps. Remember: the chances of being bitten by a milk snake are close to zero, but if you take your eye off them they can be out of the cage in the blink of an eye. So long as your snake is not losing condition visibly it should be nothing to worry about. It’s also important that these snakes are handled on a regular basis in order to keep them comfortable with the process. Yes. Indeed, in terms of their personalities, milk snakes seem far more likely to try and make a break for freedom than they are to turn around and bite. Just note that snakes vary greatly in terms of width and weight. And for the reasons discussed earlier, small species can make excellent pets. Like many other boas, female viper boas grow much larger than males in this species. Many keepers – especially novices – are interested in selecting a small species for their next pet. Hognose Snakes. This can not only mean slightly higher prices, but also a much smaller range of color morphs. In captivity most ball pythons feed on rodents. I have also found that milk snakes are incredibly unlikely to bite. A few of the most important include: While small snakes are easier to care for than large species in many ways, they do present a few challenges their larger counterparts do not. He really wants a corn snake but I am not so sure bc of the size that they can grow to. Children’s pythons are attractive animals, who’re not only clad in reddish blotches, but their skin reflects the light in a very striking manner. For one thing the water will need to be changed regularly. When frightened, some ringneck snakes will lift and coil their tails, thereby showing off the bright colors found along their undersurfaces. An Honest Look, How to Set Up a Tegu Enclosure: Step-by-Step Guide, Chameleon Shedding Process Explained: Everything You Should Know, Do Reptiles Get Lonely? Many popular pet species start out life small but become unmanageably large upon reaching adulthood. Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP! All the markings remain, but rather than a base color of reds and oranges this variety is primarily deep yellow in color – hence the “butter” name. How large of a cage do we need to have for these type of snakes? Corn snakes are some of the most popular small pet snakes, and for good reason. A few of the species mentioned below may occasionally exceed this length, but most individuals will be this length or shorter. Garter snakes are some of the most familiar snakes in the United States. Children’s pythons are one of the smallest python species in the world, and most individuals reach lengths of about 3 feet or so. Gently remove the hide and then gently but swiftly get hold of your snake. Unlike many other snakes of similar size (most individuals are about 12 to 18 inches long), hognose snakes are relatively thick snakes, with impressive builds. Slugs aren’t widely available commercially, so that means you’ll have to collect your snake’s food on a regular basis. They’re typically inoffensive snakes who aren’t inclined to bite, but it is possible that they have a mild venom. Perhaps just as interestingly they’re also typically quite stocky and sturdy-looking snakes. However, sensitive individuals may experience pain, swelling, and similar effects, so caution is still warranted. Unfortunately, children’s pythons aren’t as readily available as some other snake species, but they can be found with a bit of searching around. A handful of species are instead called ribbon snakes, but they’re all very similar animals, who are clearly close relatives of each other. Questions or concerns? Possibly the most likely is that in the past these snakes were most commonly encountered around farmer’s fields, where they would hunt the small rodents found living among the corn. A wild corn snake would rather slither away to safety than stand its ground, while pet corn snakes can generally be handled with ease. We publish weekly informational guides with easy-to-understand graphics to help you in your reptile-keeping journey. It isn’t entirely clear what this behavior does, although it is presumably some type of defense mechanism. Small snakes that stay small are so much easier to handle safely and care for as pets. Thankfully, most captive bred western hognose snakes will eventually learn to accept rodent prey, which makes feeding them easy. A number of theories exist as to why corn snakes are so-called. It’s also important to note that these snakes are very heavy-bodied. Note that unlike corn snakes and ball pythons, many king snakes aren’t naturally docile. Spiders are also an integral part of many more complex morphs, so if you decide to get into breeding these fantastic little snakes then owning a spider or two can set you down an ideal path of experimentation. Sometimes known as an “anery corn snake” this color form generally lacks the reds and oranges seen in wild corn snakes. When we leave we may only have had the snake for a month. Hognoses really are small pet snakes, growing to only around 3 feet in length (males can be even smaller than females). Thank you, While this sounds rather boring in appearance, the result is a truly stunning snake which can be exquisitely patterned. Additionally, they tend to move rather more slowly than corn snakes, making them perfect for handling. Luckily, first-time snake ownership doesn’t need to be an overwhelming endeavor, as there are numerous species that make excellent pets. While I have to admit I’m a bit boring and still have a preference for the typical “wild type” of corn snake, it’s entirely possible these days to purchase corn snakes that are an almost limitless combination of reds, oranges, pinks, whites, blacks and brown. Most hognose snakes subsist on toads, but the western forms tend to incorporate more rodents into their diets. Mary Courtney. The butter corn is another stunning variety. There are a variety of reasons small snake species often make very good pets. They also have brightly colored ventral surfaces, which are usually the same color as the neck ring. As a result they are one of the easiest – and hence best – pet snakes to keep for a beginner. When I got my first ever pair, back in my late teens, I was forever getting home to find the cage empty and the snakes relaxing by the radiator in my room. The second benefit of so many corn snakes being bred each year is that there are now dozens of different colors (known in the trade as “morphs”) available. Here is a list of snakes that are not only relatively small, but also easy to care for. Named for the three stripes found along their bodies, these are one of the few boas in the world with lengthwise markings. So, they’re largely covered in hard scales that help them slide through the sand. As a result they’re one of the best pet snakes for those individuals with limited space available for vivariums. We will read your info together. © 2020 Ringneck snakes can make interesting pets for those who’re able to secure a viable (and consistent) food source. They’re also relatively docile and easy to care for, which means that even beginners may enjoy working with this species. Others are generalists, who will readily consume frogs, salamanders, fish, worms or other snakes. In other words, if you’re going to keep milk snakes, be certain to invest in a good quality vivarium without any nasty gaps or holes through which these natural escape artists could make a break for freedom! Additionally, you can obtain Kenyan sand boas in a few different color variations. Kenyan sand boas are thickly built, attractively marked animals with a number of adaptations for their unusual lifestyle. Female sand boas grow larger than males, but few individuals reach 3 feet in length. Everything You Should Know. Got questions? In fact, a few garter snake species are even available in amelanistic (albino) form from breeders, which only increases their appeal. One of the biggest problems many keepers face is setting aside enough room for their new pet. Read more about my experience. Now, truth be told, hognoses are far less common than either ball pythons or corn snakes, so if you opt for one of these little beauties you may have to do a little more hunting around for a specimen, but it can be well worth the effort. This probably isn’t reasonable for many keepers, but if you don’t mind hunting around your (pesticide-free) garden for squishy invertebrates, red-bellied snakes can make neat pets. It’s just a quirk of keeping ball pythons and one that you’ll need to get used to if you’re not going to tear your hair out looking after these fantastic snakes. And I don’t just mean the size of the snake now – I mean it’s adult size. All rights reserved. Many keepers like them (including yours truly), but they aren’t a great fit for most keepers. Dusting & Gut Loading Insects (Mealworms, Crickets, & More), 13 Types of Ball Python Morphs (Pictures & Terminology), 10 Awesome Corn Snake Accessories & Decorations, Are Leopard Geckos Good Pets?

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