pure kalatoa reticulated python for sale

I saw these for the first time recently. She makes my boas seem sluggish, slow and lazy! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. She is probably closer to 2 feet. Any other sites or info you could point me in the direction of? Make sure you join our group on Facebook. I am in Canada so finding them was rather difficult. Three retics found in branches over a stream in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Royal ,Reticulated ,Burmese pythons in plymouth corn snake,milk snake,royal python,morphs Cb20 Female larger male Cb20 smaller 100% het from albino pied Ready £170.00 Pair At around 8-12 months, you can increase the size of the enclosure. Lol. Pictured here is … Nice, clear photo of the head of a Sulawesi Retic by Jakub Kyzl on September 19, 2015. I'll take some updated ones soon, though I have a broken arm at the moment which might make handling a camera and a snake tricky! Hyper alert, expesically at night. Pretty snake. Thanks to Jakub Kyzl for posting this pic of his female “Moluccan” to the Locality Reticulated Pythons Facebook page. Kalatoa Superdwarf Reticulated Python Male Kalaotoa – March 2, 2015 ~ localityretics ~ Leave a comment Thanks to Ray Ryan for this picture. They are 100% pure blood Kalaotoa superdwarfs – at 15 years old they are about 9 feet long and weigh 31 and 39 pounds. Search for “Locality Reticulated Pythons”. He's now nearly two and is growing like mad. Karompa. Pic by Dustin Wilson of a male Seram retic. This advert is located in and around Littlehampton, West Sussex CB20 1.0 Super Dwarf Het Folusham Albino Reticulated Python. Photo was taken by Andy Maddox and provided to Jason Lawlor, who is the owner of this USCB 2016 male Selayar Island Retic. It is home to a race of “superdwarf” Reticulted Pythons – reported to mature at sizes well Thanks to Jakub Kyzl for posting this pic of his female “Moluccan” to the Locality Reticulated Pythons Facebook page. Believed to be female but I haven t had her probed to check, approximately 4-5 years... Super dwarf reticulated python, female, she is fully grown and approximately 2 years old, paperwork has been misplaced so … Hi, I keep a kalatoa too, excellent choice! But there are a few old ones in my album. Thanks to Wildan Andwill for this picture of a Sumatran Retic. Great temperament, loves using me as a tree and I could not imagine not having him. These snakes continue to grow for life. Kalatoa Reticulated Python (Super Dwarf) 00Raptor Snake Pictures 3 23-10-2012 04:04 AM Kalatoa Reticulated Pythons mrhoyo Snakes 20 19-07-2011 08:50 PM Kayuadi and Kalatoa Dwarf Reticulated Pythons mossy89 Snakes Never been so excited to feed an animal lol. Submitted through our Facebook page – go here to join: Locality Retics Facebook Group. Thank you Roedh Jay for this picture. Three videos from DM Exotics – December 17, 2015 ~ localityretics ~ Leave a comment Photo by Dian Dermawan, September 26, 2015. Mine was fed every two weeks as a baby, as advised by the breeder and seemed to do fine on that so I stuck to it. For sale through no fault of her own, I just can t commit the time for her. Hopefully getting my order of fuzzies as she's going to need some very small prey items. That is fantastic. These super dwarf reticulated python babies can start out in enclosures as small as 15 gallons . I should be getting pics this weekend coming. Oct 5, 2016 - Kalaotoa Island is an island in the Flores Sea, north of the Lesser Sunda Islands and southeast of Selayer and Jampea Islands. Amazing snake, little snappy … For clarification: We are talking about pure 100% super dwarfs. Thanks Dian! You've probably seen this before, but in case not: Really fancy a super dwarf retic that thread is great. 80,212 visits to LocalityRetics.com since Nov. 10, 2014. Kalaotoa, male. Nice. Reptile Classifieds - Exotics for Sale and Wanted, http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/100652643411002/, http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.p...00001098526958, http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forum...explained.html, 1.0 CB11 Kalatoa Dwarf Reticulated Python, Kayuadi and Kalatoa Dwarf Reticulated Pythons, Wanted, African Rock Python and/or Reticulated Python. £175 OVNO For Sale CB20 1.0 Super Dwarf Reticulated Python!! She's about a year old I am told.

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