oas bolivia coup

[9], Morales has called for the Bolivian people to reject the leadership of Áñez. [44] The military also said it would conduct operations to "neutralise" any armed groups that attacked the protesters. The two chambers congress were expected to debate the bill which would annul 20 October election and appoint a new electoral board within 15 days of its passage, paving the way for a new vote. Nooruddin had each day starting at 01:00 a.m., proceeding to 01:00 p.m., 01:01 a.m., and so forth until 12:59 a.m. and finally concluding at 12:59 p.m. Several of his most prominent supporters — both in Bolivia and in South America — were critical of his decision to secure judicial permission to seek a fourth term despite a constitutional term-limits provision of two terms. And in the future, the OAS cannot be allowed to sabotage democracy and help install right-wing, pro-United States governments. Faulty reasoning aside, the OAS results were irreproducible. Tags: Bolivia coup d’etat Eoin Higgins Evo Morales OAS The New York Times Post navigation ← Hong Kong’s ‘Pro-Democracy’ Movement Allies with US Politicians Who Seek to … That table implied that Morales performed better — not worse — over the penultimate 5 percent than the last 5. The company behind the site had removed many of the tweets by 19 November, but media reports suggested that around 4200 were still up by that point. At least as of now, though, it looks as though the margin of victory delivered to MAS by the Bolivian people was so stunning, so decisive, that there are few options left for the retrograde forces — in Bolivia, Washington, and Brussels — which tried to destroy the country’s democracy. [146] Áñez did, however, designate two persons of indigenous origin as ministers of culture and mining as the remaining positions were filled. Such has been the consistent pattern of the OAS in response to any criticism of their report: when data fails them, they simply ignore the evidence and lash out. [121] On 10 December, the government and IACHR signed an agreement to investigate the acts of violence that occurred. The OAS analyses have been notable for a steadfast refusal to consider such intra-geographic differences, presuming — contrary to all evidence — that a candidate’s support should be more or less uniform throughout the count. [76] He concluded by stating that he believed Carlos Mesa had "achieved his objective", and asked protesters to "stop burning down the houses of [his] brothers and sisters". The racist nature of the state violence is emphasised in the HLS/UNHR report, including eyewitness accounts of security forces using “racist and anti-indigenous language” as they attacked protesters; it is also clear from the fact that all of the victims of the two biggest massacres committed by state forces after the coup were indigenous. Nobody would be surprised that the inclusion of Republican areas in the count would steadily chip away at the early Democratic lead. Amid cries of “fraud,” prominent members of Morales’s party and their families were assaulted or threatened with murder. Later, Morales — who had won the contest in the first round based on the official tally — agreed to a binding audit of the election results, carried out by the OAS, to avoid an escalation in violence. [6][7][8] They have also committed to working with the interim government towards new elections. His government was able to reduce poverty by 42 percent and extreme poverty by 60 percent, which disproportionately benefited Indigenous Bolivians. When an election observer sets in motion a coup and provides no evidence for its claims of electoral fraud, the media and the international community should be asking questions.

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