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Honestly, I really think this liquid highlighter leaves up to it’s name. Can you share details on it? Who knew, that after all the suffering with acne and oily skin, I would now infatuate with glowy and natural makeup? Happy 5th Birthday to our Charlie!! *but* I did buy this one and although I love the dewy look it gives, I had horrible (and painful) breakouts each time I used it – it took me around 8-10 weeks to figure out that it was this product in my routine causing the purple pimples and blindies appearing all over my face. I’m almost finished my small bottle, so I might try a new one soon You can find this product at Mecca in Australia. We all want it right? Such nice products too, I’ve been wanting to use the Mecca Max skin tint for a while now because I’ve seen practically everyone using it! Almond Oil. 1 Medela Pump // No. Trust me, gamechanger. If I have an unwelcomed guest emerge (hello bright pink pimples), I use some concealer to cover these up because the base doesn’t do much for them if I’m being completely honest. into your normal moisturizer and by the next morning you have a really natural glow! Clean beauty is, perhaps, the buzziest craze to sweep the beauty industry in recent years. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’ve worn this alone, applied later in the day as a pick me up and it is such a universal product. O'Neill regularly reaches for Hourglass products when doing Holly's makeup, and this cream palette is one of her favourites. . So many great products Daisy! Like a little dewy, but not too dewy and highlighter that looks kinda natural…but it’s not. With highlighter that looks natural but totally isn’t LOL. You can find this product at Mecca. Here are the skin-perfecting products I've been using instead of foundation this summer. Specifically on my face but also a few body products that get the job done in a couple simple steps. Judging from her glowy, seemingly poreless complexion, you’d never know that model Georgia Fowler (above) flew in on a red-eye to make it to this (prepandemic) G. Sport shoot. When it comes to products for my body there are 3 that I rely on heavily and one that is my must have while pregnant. If you’re prone to bumpy skin, this stuff is magic. I mainly use for beach days xox. Honestly well done (and thank you) if you made it to the end of this post haha. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I love this lotion but especially notice how amazing it is in the summer because it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sweaty in the heat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Let me start with that must have that isn’t photographed because just the other day Charlie dropped it off the bathroom vanity and the top broke and it spilled out everywhere…. It’s the best base! And NEED to try that almond oil stat. Ilia Beauty is focused on creating clean, pure products with organic bio-active botanicals … The body serum is rich in lactic acid and xylitol, which are able to draw water molecules within the skin to the surface (hello, hydration!). If your skin is fair, opt-in for a silvery white shade. I’ve been wearing it to the beach in the mornings, then coming home to have a shower and reapply for the afternoon haha. I was lucky to receive this in a Mecca Beauty Loop box when Mecca celebrated their 20th birthday (which was a little while ago, yet I only tried it a month or two ago, what was I waiting for defeats me haha). Nécessaire Body Lotion. LOVE the TULA products you mentioned but haven’t tried the new glow stick. I thought this would be a relatively short-ish post and I tried to keep my product reviews short and sweet, but I do like to ramble sometimes haha. Since I purchased this spray over a year and a half ago now, Mario Badescu have launched quite a few more scents in their face mist range, which all sound very nice. ( Log Out /  Required fields are marked *. Above all, I love seeing the state of my natural skin and working toward improving its natural healthy glow. Need to get on that! My focus has been exfoliating, keeping my skin moisturized and nourished and clean products to give me a natural summer glow. I love the Lanolips Ointment, I use it everyday Also, those Innis Free eyeshadows look really nice, must check them out. Up to you! While I’m not pregnant I do sadly get stretch marks on my thighs very easily and very quickly if my weight fluctuates so this may be very helpful. x, aww thank you so much lovely!! The cream-to-satin texture means that they work well when applied with fingers for a natural, glowy finish. xx, Hi Autumn Girl, thank you so much for your advice, I’m definitely going to try this and wow, I had no idea about the ‘pineapple’ hairstyle haha I’ll have to try that one as well hehe. I was so skeptical to use these because I never use self tanner but after seeing a few friends try it and have such natural results I thought I would give it a go. Glowy, dewy, radiant and natural. You can find this product on the Nivea website or at Chemist Warehouse. It feels like a moment to really cherish and love on your body, appreciate the way it works and what it does for you. I for one, live for a little dewy, but not too dewy makeup faces. I use year round but am really regimented during my pregnancies. Now you can glow from head-to-toe. Enjoy my weekly Q+A about everything from blogging, fashion to motherhood. All of these products are specifically safe for pregnancy. I made sure to exfoliate before applying, I’ve been loving Tula’s So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub – you can use code LIZADAMS for 15% off! RMS Signature Set Mod Collection Palette. Highly recommend these products! 4 New Skincare Products to Love from Tula, My Grandmother’s Homemade Chex Mix Recipe, Mini Pumpkin Cakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting, My Favorite Beauty Products for Glowy Summer Skin, Tula’s So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub, Sunday Shopping List • August 2, 2020 — Hello Adams Family. However, I tend to add some concealer (my dark circles never fade, even when I’m on holidays haha) and a more colourful eyeshadow look. For other skin tones, opt for warm shimmer colors. ( Log Out /  I’m a natural makeup girl at heart (and quite lazy), so I don’t tend to use many makeup products on a daily basis. With consumers becoming savvier about the potential risks associated with some commonly used ingredients and access to clean products becoming easier and more affordable than ever, nontoxic beauty products are among the most popular picks at retailers from Sephora to Target. Your email address will not be published.

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