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Kiss! .? Außerdem hat er dunkelblaue bis schwarze Ohrringe und schwarz lackierte Fingernägel. Wenn das Miraculous von Sass bewohnt wird, verwandelt er sich in Viperion, einen schlangenthematisierten Superhelden. "Thanks, Luka," I sighed, biting my lip. Hope you enjoy. Charakter-Informationen I looked around, trying to hide my nerves, and noticed a couple people were holding signs with my name on it. Lukas Erscheinung ist „eine Mischung aus leicht gothic und leicht punkig“. Nachdem es Adrien Agreste in „ Das Miraculous der Schlange “ nicht gelungen ist, Ladybug als Aspik zu helfen, Desperada zu besiegen, gibt sie Luka das Schlangen-Miraculous. "If you were no good, the crowd would be pretty small. .how about an actual date? Feeling nothing but pain and rejection, he unconsciously builds up an emotional wall so s... After getting into a fight with his Dad one night, Len Kagamine, or Kagamine Len, encounters a fairy. 13+ (swearing and violence) Kiss!" Kraftquelle What if-. Laut Feri González (Coloristin bei ZAG Inc.) ist Luka gut aussehend und die Leute „werden sich in ihn verlieben“. Wait, what? Taken in by her late mother's be... You had always loved Viperion, I mean what would you expect from the head of the Viperion fan club, but you were more than just a fan girl you were sure he would love yo... Marinette has had enough of her life, it had past 4 years ever since Hawkmoth came and Lila didn't help her either. Marinette Dupain-ChengAdrien AgresteAlya CésaireRose LavillantMylène HaprèleNino LahiffeIvan BruelSassLadybugCat Noir Männlich 15-17 Jahre Viperion .As we finished the song, there a moment of silence for a few seconds. Luka from miraculous ladybug dating Y/N. Thank you to everyone who stayed till the end!】 ", "It's all we can do after the entire city saw what just happened," I shrugged. "That's just for theater, you dork.". I looked over at my partner with a confused glance. #adrienagrestexreader Paris, Frankreich ", Now's the time to be stupid, a voice in my head thought. "I just don't know what to do anymore. . Want to see it? "See? Später wurde er als älterer Bruder von Juleka in der brasilianischen Zusammenfassung für Staffel 2 auf O Universo da TV bekanntgegeben. Wohnort Where do you want to go? Luka ", "They're here because they know how amazing you are, Y/n," Luka replied. Außerdem ist er gut darin die Emotionen anderer Menschen zu lesen und diese dann durch seine Gitarre auszudrücken. Luka has a huge crush on you, but you remain oblivious to it and insist that you're just friends to all your fans across Paris. It's like all of Paris is here! "Hey, break a leg," he smiled. If you're into Adrienette or Lukanette there will be some but it is mostly about Felix and Marinette. I couldn't have a crush on Luka. Read Luka x Reader from the story Miraculous Ladybug x Reader oneshots by StuckWithaSnekBoi (Half-blood) with 1,418 reads.

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