mel blount

A Pro Scouts All-America as both a safety and cornerback at Southern University, Blount became a starter in the Steelers secondary beginning in 1972. Mel in his street clothes jumped, marking a higher spot and when he landed, he said to the kid, “that is the Steeler mark.". Logos were compiled by the amazing They loved the game. Pittsburgh, of course, is the most logical place to go because of the service and because of the price that you have paid, the commitment you have had and the way you have turned the city around. Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MEL BLOUNT Due to the COVID-19 precautions suggested by local, state, and federal authorities, we regretfully must postpone our annual dinner that was scheduled for Friday, April 3 2020. An inspiration to all, young and old, businessmen and athletes. More than just sharing a message this program gives young people the exposure to vast array of opportunities. Share the vision of MBYH to youth so that they can achieve their dreams if they do the work. It is a great opportunity for my family and young people throughout the country to see exactly what can happen when you are willing to pay the price and when you are willing to make a commitment and when you are willing to give it all you can. Or write about sports? And when I retire, as luck would have it, I was blessed again to go to work for the Commissioner of the National Football League and I want to take a few minutes to thank the Commissioner for all the great things he has done for the National Football League and I want to thank him for giving me an opportunity to remain involved with the NFL, one of the greatest institutions in this country. To the businesspeople at Pittsburgh, to the Rooney's all of you, I love you very much. Are you a Stathead, too? After being drafted third by the Steelers in 1970, from Southern University, he went on to intercept 57 passes, recover 13 fumbles in 14 seasons. God Bless you. Mel Blount is someone who will forever be a part of the Steelers family, and what a family does is help each other. But there’s one thing for sure – you had to have nerves of steel to play cornerback.”. Buffalo Township in Washington County. He also recovered 13 opponents' fumbles, two of which he returned for touchdowns. He was so big and tough that they changed the bump and run rule to stop Mel from dominating receivers. He played in 200 regular season games and played on four winning Super Bowls. April 10, 1948 Giving guidance to NFL players today. The Mel Blount Youth Home is going up in Buffalo Township, we will make it work, the community will be proud of it and I can tell you this, it will be an asset to that community and it will be an asset to our young people in this country because you don’t realize the number of young kids that are incarcerated for whatever reason, who are good kids that just need a second chance.

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