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as bishop of Rome in 257, suffered martyrdom under Valerian on the 6th of August 258. Further, the Megillath Ta'anith (" roll of fasts "), an old source with a collection of miscellaneous legends, &c.; Megillath Antiokhos, on the martyrdom under Hadrian; Seder`Olam Rabbah, on biblical history from Adam to the rebellion of Bar Kokba (Barcocheba); the " Book of Jashar "; the Chronicle of Jerahmeel," &c. Liturgical Midrash is illustrated by the Haggada shel Pesah, part of the ritual recited at the domestic service of the first two Passover evenings. The date of their martyrdom is the 17th of July A.D. Upon this Gilpin prepared for martyrdom; and, having ordered his house-steward to provide him with a long garment, that he might "goe the more comely to the stake," he set out for London. Cranmer suffered martyrdom at the stake, as John Rogers had done before him. vi., vii., is called by early Christian writers " the mother of the Maccabees.". 10. Another saint of this name, surnamed "the Goth," suffered martyrdom at the hands of Athanaric the Visigoth in the reign of Valentinian, and he is commemorated on the 12th of April in the Roman Martyrology, on varying days from 12th to, 8th in the Greek Menologies. Among the topics are the outbreak of Montanism, the meaning of witness in the Apocalypse, Filled with an ardent desire to arrive quickly at, In about 986, Abbo of Fleury wrote of his life and, The nimbus of the saint in his eyes, was associated with the crown of, Instead of painting a fancy picture, Fouquet has chosen to represent the, You must not say that you gave your life to your cause and were ready for, A combat with Romanism might even yet win for her and Theobald the crown of, A very naive letter from a missionary named jacquard conveyed to the abbe the tidings of his forthcoming, We do not envy most of them their eternal, Nearly about this time a person named fryer, and the sister of George Eagles, suffered, He wondered now if he had not borne himself with the Quixotic, He must take up his apostolate, be ready should need arise to face, Raymond had prayed to God, in some of his accesses of fanaticism, that he might suffer, Taken together they make a character which would have fared harshly at the hands of history if its owner had had the ill luck to miss, Her death has all the pathetic uselessness of, It was with unruffled self-possession that Huss gave himself to, And I resented his basking thus openly in the fires of, His wife was obliged to run away to escape from her, The blood of an Emmett has crowned a noble effort with, Aunt Jane six months later mitigated this, I will leave you, laddie, to seek in slumber a surcease from. She sat picking at her small plate of rice salad with an air of martyrdom: 16. There was a marked tendency to make the duration of Peter's episcopate at Rome twenty-five years: and a combination of this tendency with the explanation that the 'repos rinros was Rome probably is the origin of the traditional dating of the martyrdom of Peter in A.D. The epistle gives a minute description of the persecution in Smyrna, of the last days of Polycarp and of his trial and martyrdom; and as it contains many instructive details and professes to have been written not long after the events to which it refers, it has always been regarded as one of the most precious remains of the 2nd century. While the honour paid to martyrdom was a great support to early champions of the faith, it was attended by serious evils. Philomelion was probably a Pergamenian foundation on the great Graeco-Roman highway from Ephesus to the east, and to its townsmen the Smyrniotes wrote the letter that describes the martyrdom of Polycarp. Two or three centuries after the death of Boetius writers began to view his death as a martyrdom. Go on, the dagger's point may glare Amid thy pathway's gloom; The fate which sternly threatens there Is glorious martyrdom! His martyrdom under Septimius Severus is related by Gregory of Tours, but by no earlier writer. 2. Its origin is obscure, but in 741 it was sufficiently important for St Boniface to found a bishopric here, which was, however, after the martyrdom of the first bishop, Adolar, in 755, reabsorbed in that of Mainz. conspiratorial activity, another Irish failure without the saving grace of martyrdom. The sources from which we derive our knowledge of the life and activity of Polycarp are: (1) a few notices in the writings of Irenaeus, (2) the Epistle of Polycarp to the Church at Philippi, (3) the Epistle of Ignatius to Polycarp, (4) the Epistle of the Church at Smyrna to the Church at Philomelium, giving an account of the martyrdom of Polycarp. (i.) We have in this martyrdom an excellent example of "Acts of Martyrs" properly so called. Their enthusiasm and their prophesyings were denounced as demoniacal; their expectation of a glorious earthly kingdom of Christ was stigmatized as Jewish, their passion for martyrdom as vainglorious and their whole conduct as hypocritical. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. --De virginibus velandis, De corona militis, De fuga in persecutione, De exhortatione castitatis, De scorpiace (a booklet against the Gnostics, whom he compares to scorpions; it is written in praise of martyrdom), Adversus Hermogenem, De censu animae adv. He suffered martyrdom by stoning. A Christian appends the words: "And so they all together were crowned with martyrdom; and they reign with the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. I have had to suffer my long martyrdom, Without complaining, without sighs. A very naive letter from a missionary named jacquard conveyed to the abbe the tidings of his forthcoming martyrdom. p. 7), however, personality, with its variety of temperament and emphasis, largely colours the Apostolic Fathers, especially the primary group. In late versions this legend was expanded and varied, the martyrdom was connected with a refusal to take part in a great sacrifice ordered at Octodurum and the name of Exsuperius was added to that of Mauritius. - Ignatius, while on his way to Rome to suffer martyrdom, halted at Smyrna and received a warm welcome from the church and its bishop. If the faithful suffer martyrdom, it is in order to serve as an example to others, and they shall be compensated by being raised up " unto an eternal renewal of life.". Admonished by an angel, he crossed the sea to Lucania and went to Rome, where he suffered martyrdom. Some, however, some also interpret the crowns to be wreaths of martyrdom, since true marriage entails self-sacrifice on both sides. 28) to have suffered martyrdom under Valerian. His seat was contested on account of a technical flaw in regard to the duration of his citizenship, and in February 1794, almost three months after the beginning of the session, the senate annulled the election and sent him back to Pennsylvania with all the glory of political martyrdom. PIERO SODERINI (1450-1513), Florentine statesman, was elected gonfalonier for life in 1502 by the Florentines, who wished to give greater stability to their republican institutions, which had been restored after the expulsion of Piero de' Medici and the martyrdom of Savonarola. His plight affects us like the unwilling, 11. They refused to admit into their sect those Christians whom the fear of martyrdom had once restored to paganism. Proculus, patron of Puteoli, and others, suffered martyrdom at Puteoli. vi. Other forms of holiness - that of the virgin and the ascetic - were assimilated to, 23. The only points of sure information which we possess relate to (1) his relations with Ignatius, (2) his protests against heresy, (3) his visit to Rome in the time of Anicetus, (4) his martyrdom. Paul's career was also terminated at Rome by martyrdom. Legend associated Trier with the martyrdom of part of the Theban legion (c. 286) and with the relics found by St Helena in the Holy Land. In 1143, the Templars were allowed the addition of a red cross to their robes, as a symbol of martyrdom. There are those who would face martyrdom for it. Somerset's fall in the following October endangered Hooper's position, and for a time he was in hourly dread of imprisonment and martyrdom, more especially as he had taken a prominent part against Gardiner and Bonner, whose restoration to their sees was now anticipated. He is commemorated as a martyr by the Greek Church on the 16th of November, and by the Roman on the 21st of September, the scene of his martyrdom being placed in Ethiopia. It is more probable on general grounds that the martyrdom of Peter took place during the persecution of Christians in 64, and it is urged that Clement's language refers to this period. Genet returns to this wish for death and martyrdom. Near the end of his life, Young, fearing. 9, and of an actual martyrdom at Pergamum, ii. The Turks, consequently, hold his memory in abhorrence; whereas the Persians, who are generally Shi'as, venerate him as second only to the prophet, call him the "Lion of God" (Sher-i-Khuda), and celebrate the anniversary of his martyrdom. There were two festivals for the pilgrimage, on the 29th of December, the day of the martyrdom, and on the 7th of July, the day of the translation. Its boasts about fanatical recruits lining up for paradise through the, 24. 3. Garnet was the author of a letter on the Martyrdom of Godfrey Maurice, alias John Jones, in Diego Yepres's Historia particular de la persecution de Inglaterra(1599); a Treatise of Schism, a MS. treatise in reply to A Protestant Dialogue between a Gentleman and a Physician; a translation of the Stemma Christi with supplements (1622); a treatise on the Rosary; a Treatise of Christian Renovation or Birth (1616). Most women are resigned to this and some use their, 25. cit. Part of the original work omitted by the final editor of our book is preserved in the Opus imperfectum, which goes back not to our text, but to the original Martyrdom. She sat picking at her small plate of rice salad with an air of, 17. In France and Italy alike they were marked out as special objects of persecution, and the Vaudois church has many records of martyrdom. In later days the churches of Africa, having rich memorials of martyrdom, used them to supplement the reading of Scripture. The name was also borne by the following saints: (1) a Roman tribune who suffered martyrdom under Hadrian; (2) a bishop of Siscia in Pannonia; (3) the patron of the Tegernsee in Bavaria, beheaded in Rome in 269 and invoked by those suffering from gout. The outside walls were painted as well: scenes of judgment, resurrection and, 29. Throughout her journey, she is associated with images of crucifixion and, 20. 20) Sebastian was a native of Milan, went to Rome at the height of Diocletian's persecution, and there suffered martyrdom. RELICS (Lat, reliquiae, the equivalent of the English "remains" in the sense of a dead body), the name given in the Catholic Church to,(I) the bodies of the saints, or portions of them,(2) such objects as the saints made use of during their lives, or as were used at their martyrdom. The place is mentioned in the 13th century, and is said to derive its name from Eskil, an English missionary who suffered martyrdom on the spot. 2. de Beauchesne of the physical martyrdom of the child are not supported by any other testimony, though he was at this time seen by a great number of people. Modern criticism, while rejecting this identification, is not unwilling to accept the main fact that an officer named Georgios, of high rank in the army, suffered martyrdom probably under Diocletian. The Martyrdom had been previously edited by Assemani and by Bedjan.

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