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It's called "ghosting". Leased housing units are located off base in the surrounding of Aviano AB within 15 minutes commute. I stayed with my wife (then fiancee) in a hotel when she visited for a week. Required fields are marked *. Submit an Article Obviously I know that I can't live on base with him, but I'm just wondering, if I were to get an apartment off base, but close by: Would he, at least occasionally, get to spend the night with me? He'll be able to go off base whenever he wants but it's dependent on his job and work hours. Vic is from Orlando and couldn’t wait to join the Air Force after high school to see the world. You may save money: When living off base, you can choose a place that fits your budget. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. I've seen multiple situations where covering the rent is no problem, however, break ins are. Was the greatest decision of my life to not go through with it. I am a Marine but will be moving into the AF next year. Air Force is definitely a priority, but I thought that if their text school is more than 20 weeks, they get to live off-base. And while that may be easier in some areas than others, it's nice to know that you have control over where that money goes and how much of it is spent on rent versus other costs. We both debated about marriage because we were so lonely. Waivers may be granted for visiting family. Most bases ban specific dog breeds, such as Pitbulls, because they believe they pose a safety hazard. If she wants to make it work without getting married, then she needs to commit. Just a bit overwhelmed. 5. All of the bases match the openings that AMS just listed, so I have a decent chance of being selected. school. Now, check out these... Get the scoop on discounts, pay, benefits, and our latest award-winning content. You just need a driver's license to get on base with him as your sponsor. Some places, like Fort Knox, will require a pass for every individual over the age of 12 coming on post whether they drive their personal vehicle or come in with an ID holder. He will he waking up at around 4am, cleaning his room and the barrracks, and marching ~1 mile to the schoolhouse. If you don’t, a sightseeing plane may crash land on the road 10 miles later and you’ll be stuck in traffic on the two-lane-through-nothing part of the Alaska-Canada Highway for HOURS. Vic is from Orlando and couldn’t wait to join the Air Force after high school to see the world. I need some advice. sigh Any other job she could just move with and we could have an apartment together. He may be working 12-hour shifts, plus PT for 60-90 minutes. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Well, look at it this way. Simply put: it's a non issue, don't worry about it. Then, instead of going into my actual job, I got selected to go to an assignment that does maybe 1% of my AFC's job description. Pet friendly: Base housing only allows two pets per household, and they restrict some ‘dangerous breeds’ of dogs. Remember that you will be responsible for paying for repairs. After school, ~1 mile march back, then afternoon formation, followed by PT, room inspections, or uniform inspections. 2. Have you ever run into problems with guests visiting your on base home? They get to live off base after they phase up, that's what I heard. Although we both know we do want to get married, we do not want to do it now. Privacy Policy But yeah what the other guy above said, you're going to have to get married while he's in tech. Depending on his pay and bills he has, it shouldn't be a problem for him if he wants to pay half of rent. Assuming he's stationed stateside, he'll be able to split that. Now on to your questions: If he's stationed stateside then he will be required to live in the dorm. Can't have a girlfriend live with you on base (unless married) Lajes, Portugal would have me off base as would Buschel, Germany, so that wouldn't be a problem, but visas would be. Welcome to the United States Air Force. Slow is how we want to do it. If he's E-1, he'll be getting $1531.50 base pay, E-2 is $1716.90, and E-3 is $1805.40 (subtract things like taxes, SGLI (life insurance), MGIB ($100 a month for 12 months if he elected for it), etc.). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thank you for actually taking the time to answer and address my questions. The closest livable off-base town is Lancaster, which is about 45 miles away from the main base. Just be careful and know that he's not getting paid to live with you and if never sleeps in his room that he is running the risk of getting in trouble. If you really love her and want her for the rest of each others' life, wipe your list, stay at your base and wait for another assignment. He will be pressured into, and sometimes "volun-told" into activities in his "spare" time. Well if you don't get married and you do get picked up to go overseas to any of those bases, life ain't gonna be fun for her because if she comes over on her own, she wont be command sponsored and she wont get to have any of the benefits. Travelling to see him all the time is eventually going to probably be the equivalent of if I were to stay with him wherever. Some people prefer to have non-military friends and feel part of the local town. Decisions: To Live On Or Off Base/Post The time spent with the relatives will definitely be more special that way. And the Thunderbirds can’t be beat! But there are a few things you can do on your own, to... You probably know your love language and how to make it work in your interpersonal relationship. If they are driving their vehicle on post, they may need to get a pass at the installation visitor’s center. And why not? But you will develop a sense of humor and flexibility about life that others don’t have. He will be judged against people who have no life, have a pathological need to please, and many of who work 7:30-4:30 weekdays, rather than rotating shifts like him. But ultimately.. the only way to guarantee you will be together if you ever go overseas is to get married.. but in your situation.. forcing marriage would be a bad idea. But as you make your pros and cons list, consider these five great reasons to go with an off-base option. Depending on his leadership they could have surprising room inspections and if they see he's never used his room that might raise some flags. Moving overseas can be overwhelming, as this spouse is experiencing. That means you may be required to move every time the service member picks up a new rank or you have a new baby. Members should use HEAT when preparing to transfer to their new assignment. AHRN is a registered trademark. You've got orders in hand and you know where you're headed for your next military permanent change of station move. She doesnt really have an answer as to why. You will know how to make the best of a 3,400-mile PCS move driving across the frozen Alaskan wilderness to the desert-dom of Las Vegas. © 2020 JumpCrew, LLC. No. "Per HAF/A1 and the air force accounting and finance office, we have been instructed to deny reimbursement of the lodging portion of flat rate per diem when a traveler is TDY to a gov installation where gov quarters are available and the member chose to reside off base without a Non Availability statement provided by the billeting office. Fewer moves: When you live on base, the housing is determined by rank and family size. You can have extra bedrooms, walk-in closets, a larger garage, private swimming pool, central heat and air conditioning, a fireplace, etc. (Hint: if you see a functioning road stop along the road, just pull over and use the bathroom, even if you only kinda have to go. then I gave up on retirement. OR you can tell her that you need a straight, no bullshit answer as to why she doesn't want to commit. For many of our non-military community, visiting is a great way to get a glimpse into those small ways that military life is just a little bit different. What if it's just a government issued ID? You buy a house. She is unsure. We both know the benefits will not transfer to me. Seriously. This is especially true if you buy your own place. It’s best to find this out ahead of time, especially for guests with young teens who may not normally travel with photo ID. He may sign you in at the gate, but that's a decent walk. If he's stationed stateside then he will be required to live in the dorm. His day will end around 5pm. I am deployed right now, we are doing fine with that. Holidays are a wonderful time to welcome family and friends, but how does it work when you’re hosting guests when you live on base? In may places, your guests over the age of 12 will simply need some form of picture ID. Letting your guests know the policies ahead of time can prevent a headache at the gate when  you’re ready to enjoy your guests and some holiday treats! Now comes the important planning stuff, and on top of that decision list is the mother of all relocation questions: Should you live on or off base? It's great for those who have been in the career the whole time, but for someone whos only experience in a career is a highly specialized job, it doesn't make for very good upper level promotion. If you know of a way to have it happen, I am all for it. Don't get married. Stick with convenience. Being in Southwest Asia and then this stuff, wearing me down, my mind is also in a bit of a mess. 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If the rent is priced properly, it will cover your mortgage. I should note that I am an E-5, so I should be able to get automatic off base housing regardless of dependent status (except in Turkey, I think they are 100% on base). So you sell the house, move, and then repeat the cycle, except next time, you rent. If I want to stay in and retire/make rank, I feel like the Air Force is telling me I have to move, and the sooner the better. He'll be able to spend any night with you once at his first duty station. Ideally, you could choose a location in between both of your jobs. By living off base, you can stay in control of what you can and cannot do in your own yard.

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