leopard gecko facts

In fact, the common leopard gecko is often referred to as the first domesticated lizard species. Along with the common leopard gecko (E. macularius), there are West Indian leopard geckos (E. fuscus) and East Indian leopard geckos (E. turcmenicus). They are fairly small but sturdy lizards, and their common name, ‘leopard gecko’ refers to their spotted patterns, predominantly shades of yellow and brown. Wink, Wink – Most geckos are known for their propensity to lick their own eyeballs. Leopard geckos mostly eat super worms, crickets, roaches, mealworms, spiders, and dubia roaches. The eggs hatch after around 55 days. Once it becomes necessarily cold, they will enter their burrow, where they will go months without food. Leopard geckos are around 7-9 inches (17.8-22.9 cm avg female)& (20-28 avg male) long, with large heads, big eyes with oval-shaped pupils, thin toes, and, unlike other reptiles, they have eyelids. The leopard gecko tends to inhabit some of the coolest parts of this range, opting for rocky grasslands over desert plains. Hatchlings measure 6.5 to 8.4 cm at birth. Their skin is bumpy, with particularly tough skin around their head, back, and neck. However, this has its drawbacks as well for the gecko. In the wild, leopard geckos will mate breed during the summer months. Cookie Cutter Shark Facts for Kids – Cookie Cutter Shark Interesting Facts, Greenland Shark Facts for Kids – Greenland Shark Interesting Facts & Information, Megalodon Shark Facts for Kids – Megalodon Shark Facts and Information, Tasmanian Devil Facts for Kids – Fun Facts & Information, Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts for Kids – Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts, Harpy Eagle Facts for Kids – Harpy Eagle Fun Facts. Like all reptiles, leopard geckos shed their skin periodically as they grow larger. Leopard geckos occur throughout eastern and southwestern Asia as well as parts of the Middle East. During the winter, conditions in these habitats can become near-freezing, which forces them to move into their burrows and enter a state of semi-hibernation known as ‘brumation’. Like many lizards, the Leopard gecko has a tail that breaks off when grabbed by a predator. The common gecko is a common pet, with over 3 million captive individuals bred in the United States. Leopard geckos are crepuscular reptiles; during the day they hide in burrows, but they are active at dawn and dusk when the temperature is favorable. During winter when the temperature drops below 10 °C they go into partial hibernation. The leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is a medium sized lizard which lives in the northern India and Afghanistan. They have 100 teeth which are replaced every 3 … They are not dangerous or venomous, nor are they large. This post can also help you to decide if you want a leopard gecko as a pet, or learn more facts about your current pet. Leopard geckos are also called Eublepharis macularius. Biologydictionary.net Editors. Leopard geckos are extremely common pets, right up there with bearded dragons.

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