leo and aquarius friendship

To be able to hold on to him, this lady must be able to accept his quirkiness and give him space to follow his whims. Loving a. Lions are very impulsive while the water bearers have a more relaxed approached in life. How does this translate into the Aquarius and Leo love affair? Everything in their life is on fast-forward. They will probably start as friends, and then the friendship will turn into a relationship. A combination of the opposite signs – a Leo man and Aquarius woman is always very interesting. Leo comes walking in, and there’s the eye-catching thing Aquarius is looking for right in front of them. Leo needs to learn to listen to the wild words of Aquarius. Leo is floored by the intellect of Aquarius and their conversations never lack excitement. If only the bedroom walls could talk. They could help balance each other out and provide much needed support when they fall on hard times. Aquarius is a creature that loves the unusual and eccentric. When it comes to being the center of attention, Aquarius and Leo need to learn about sharing. Everyone who sees them together experiences a mild spark of jealousy. Leo would do well to give Aquarius equal billing in importance. Power struggles are common in this pairing. Each zodiac sign aligns with one of the four elements. The Aquarius and Leo connection is fun. It’s a definite part of making the relationship a tad unpredictable. All rights reserved.Privacy Policy. The balance between play and seriousness improves the Aquarius and Leo relationship. They’ll have little to no problem making it happen. This relationship blossoms because the Aquarian and Leo personalities love to play. On the other hand, the Aquarius may find the attention seeking need of the Leo to be quite problematic. While the Leo wants to be praised and admired, the Aquarius doesn’t care about other people think. Air signs are generally packed with knowledge and their ability to stimulate someone mentally is a quality that’s hard to ignore. Conflicts happen. Now it’s a large cheese pizza and video games for them). Unravel the mystery of the Capricorn Woman! No way! Egos and hearts hurt. There’s nothing sexier than sheer confidence between the sheets. Leo argues from emotion and Aquarius responds with cold, unemotional intellect. The attentiveness of Aquarius is an expectation the Leo will not forego. This man is at his best when the spotlight is on him and is often mistaken for being too focused on himself and career. What’s nice is Aquarius and Leo compatibility increases as they grow up together. In recognition of this vision, the two become a supportive resource for others. Leo represents the steady radiance of the Sun. Make no mistake, with these two high intellects, the Aquarius man and Leo woman have moments of drama. If a Leo is truly cared for, he will reflect the same back and perhaps more. Anytime commitment is something a partner introduces to Aquarius, it’s too soon. Click to learn all about Capricorn Traits, Personality, & Characteristics! In that trust, there will be great comfort in emotional expression. Leo will be bewitched by Aquarius’ disarming kind of beauty. The friendship between the Leo and the Aquarius is rather strange because these two signs are quite the opposite. Chasing her in haste will only scare her away. It’s a time for the Aquarius man and Leo woman to explore each other’s physicality. Both value the ideals of openness and freedom which could work to their detriment. The electric charge between them seems tangible. This does seem hypocritical to Leo who can smell sinister designs from a distance. These individuals are free-spirited and very unpredictable. If that means walking away from an Aquarius who is not ready to commit, so be it. Aquarius will struggle with expression. Such skills improve fast with all the social interacting they do. Fast resolutions take place before causing relationship damage. Building of trust could be a challenge if both fail to drop their pride. Both are carefree and a bit child-like in nature. This sign conveys warmth and creativity. It’s all about discovery. Leo personifies strength and confidence which are quite likeable personality traits to the Aquarius Zodiac sign. The sign of Aquarius and Leo share the same polarity. They are active and seek out opportunities to interact with others. For nearly 15 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of the zodiac signs, their characteristics and personality traits, their compatibility, their relationships and their passionate loves, with all the beauty but also all the complexity this can entail. It is this confident energy that draws Aquarius ever closer. Although Leo (Fire) and Aquarius (Air) can be a flammable combination, this matchup has the potential to grow and create a strong bond. As the Aquarius belongs to the air element, it fans the flames of the Leo to bring forth a perennial supply of energy and vigor in their ambitions. Read on and find out if their stars are aligned. They can waste all their energy battling one another for relationship power. Opposites do attract in the Aquarius and Leo relationship. The balance between play and seriousness improves the Aquarius and Leo relationship. The relationship is often upbeat and without a care. The humor between them also ensures a few good laughs along the way. If they do, there’s no room left for growth in the Aquarius and Leo love affair. Leo values freedom and the space which Aquarius offers which helps them manage other priorities in life. She matches well with levelheaded, sociable and independent men. Aquarius & Leo Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility The attraction is always great in relationships of opposing signs, and it is probably the greatest in a relationship of Leo and Aquarius. The friendliness of Leo is quite welcoming for the Aquarius to open up. With the irritation present, Leo gets angrier. Fire feeds on the inspiration and intellect corresponding with Air. They are both blessed with remarkable communication skills. Aquarius appeals to Leo because of their strong socialization skills and witty intellect. This man knows how to balance love and success. Growth comes with self-acceptance and acceptance of one’s partner. These two popular beings might spend far too much time giving attention to others. At the same time, two zodiac signs sharing this yang energy can clash. A man must be willing to be her best friend, travel companion and adviser first, before trying to woo her. Every once and while Leo must learn to step down from the throne to allow the partner to have a seat of honor. In astrology, Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius, so a friendship between the two will be interesting, to say the least. He gets attracted to an independent, intelligent woman who converses well. Aquarius runs right in and dives into the pit of toy balls sinking to the bottom.

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