glowing meaning in telugu

Find more Latin words at! It indicates calmness in life. (v), ( a), భేదమును అగుపరుచుట, భేదమును ను కనుక్కొనుట,న్యూనాధిక్యములను కనుక్కొనుట. Well, Aaditri refers to Godess Laxmi and this could perhaps be the most prosperous name for your baby daughter. Manju is a classic Telugu name. Mana: Mana is a Telugu nickname that means supernatural power. This is a unique name in Telugu for baby girls. However both are name of flower and are signs of freshness. Free bonus: Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the telugu language with its free online services. It means music. glowing Find more words! Ekanta means devoted girl and is a popular name in Telugu with a Telugu origin. Hradha is a popular and modern Telugu name that means lake. Fira: Fira is a popular Christian name that means god’s gift. Daya means kindness and is also virtue of the younger kids these days. Look at the lyrics and meaning of this great stotra. Madhavi means a creeper with beautiful flowers. Find more similar words at! glow definition: 1. to produce a continuous light and sometimes heat: 2. to look attractive because you are happy…. Barkha is a very popular name in Telugu. Name of a Raaga of the Carnatic music, Bageshri indicates pleasantness. (n), ( s), యేడీ కేంపు, అనగా Governor, Commander-in-Chief వీర్ల యొక్క హస్తకుడు, యీ వుద్యోగములో తమ స్నేహితులు లేక, బంధువులుయొక్క కొమాళ్ళను పెట్టుకొంటారు, నిజానుచరుడనవచ్చును. thistranslation appears like an * poem భాషాంతరము చేసిన యీకావ్యము స్వతః పుట్టిన దానివలెనే వున్నది. This is a name that indicates the person’s skill and the name means the same. 1. It means The Earth; Sati. Mitu: Mitu is a name that means mother’s beloved. 9. Saanvi is a very modern, yet beautifully refers to goddess Lakshmi. Roma is a name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi. Dig into and choose from MomJunction’s treasure of 70,000+ baby names that are divided based on meaning, religion, origin, English alphabet, and gender. (v), ( n), పొడుచుట, బయిలుదేరుట, యత్నము చేసుట. 3. Here are some new baby girl names in Telugu you can note down for reference. an * suit అసలు వ్యాజ్యము. I cannot *his featurs at this distance యింత దూరములోనుంచివాణ్ని గురతుపట్టలేదు. Sometimes you might have all the ideas running in your mind for a proper name for your little one. Agrima means leadership. Learn more. the Sanscrit is an *language సంస్కృతము ఆదిమ భాష. Indian Baby Names Meaning Glow Baby Names Meaning Glow-. Here is a name twined with the culture of the state. Daksha is a very common name. Elina is a very modern Telugu name. Teja: Teja means radiant. Narayani: Narayani Hindu baby girls name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi. Kanti is a name that is from the mythology. Here are some new baby girl names in Telugu you can note down for reference. Although the name is not derived from the Telugu language, it is widely used by a lot of Telugu parents for their child. Gita is a very old name. he was * అవతరించినాడు,మనుష్యశరీర మెత్తినాడు. Ani: Ani means ornament and is a nickname for girls in Telugu. Mahakali is the slight fierce version of the Goddess Durga. దిగంతముల యందు. (adj), passed over with neglect మబ్బుతాళమువేసిన,ఉపాయముగాదాటవేసిన. Telugu Meaning of To Glow. the * substance of a shawl is wool శాలువకుమొదటి ద్రవ్యము గొర్రెబొచ్చు. Natayani is a name that has been around for a long time. This is a Telugu Christian names for baby girl. Padmagriha means one who resides in a lotus. Madhuri is a name that is hugely popular. It also means springtime. they made a law against * దేశమ్మ కాకికా తిరిగేవాండ్లను శిక్షించవలశినదని చట్టము చేసినారు. Free download latest BabyNames-2016 ebook. It means golden and signifies her worth. Find the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more. Synonyms for glow stick include chemical light, glow rod, lightstick, light stick, chemlight and cyalume. 5. A very popular name in the Telugu speaking states, Aabharna means jewel. Besides, if you like your baby to have names after goddess, we have some ideas for that as well. Dakshayani refers to Goddess Durga. thosewho are * with age యేండ్లు చెల్లినందున, బలహీనులై వుండేవాండ్లు. Eta is often used as a nickname for baby girls. Ishani is a name that refers to Goddess Paravti. they *ed up the hill అతి ప్రయాసపని కొండమీదికిపోయిరి, కొండ మీదికి వురికిరి. the king *ed him with a sword రాజు అతనికివొక కత్తి బహుమాన మిచ్చి గొప్పచేసినాడు. Bairavi refers to Goddess Durga and is also the name of a music raaga of the Carnatic music. A very classic Telugu baby girl names starting with a, Aadarshini means idealistic. Kayal: Kayal means name of a fish and is a name for all those girls who have beautiful eyes. The name is also popular in other states outside. Amolika means priceless. 60 Modern-Age Four Letter Baby Names to Check Out! For that smile and happiness your baby daughter will carry all the time, Aaoka means lustrous. A popular name of all times, Radhika means Radha, a name from the Hindu mythology and epic. Ayanna means innocent.

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