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It is built around the Cycle, and also covers surveys, focus groups, planning, strategies, and much more. Legal Aspects of Marketing and Sales. Self-Publishing and Collection Development, Marketing to Libraries for the New Millennium, Hendrik Edelman (Editor); Robert P. Holley (Editor),, Exhibit at library conferences where librarians can review your publication, Collaborate with other authors through an Authors for Libraries membership. Last year, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of high school students who were in a pre-college program. Above is. There is a lot of high quality content out there, it’s just making the time to search for it and figure out how it might fit into the curriculum that takes time. Do you have some successful examples of libraries using this process? Everything you need to better understand Lucidea’s solutions, Everything you need to better understand Lucidea's solutions, Join us for an upcoming webinar or at a trade show. So maybe that’s a makerspace that combines art & technology skills, but I would love to connect with faculty and students on something like this. Let’s face it: There is intense competition for funding and we must continue to ensure that the value of the library is well-understood and appreciated so that there is a good reason to continue funding it. Especially in libraries’ case, having a marketing perspective, or more specifically a service mindset, is really effective as people need to know more about the library’s activity and they should learn more about it in a laid-back way. Above is one of my favorite slides: What our parents think we do, What our friends think we do, What students think we do, WHAT WE ACTUALLY DO. I hope your team responded to thoughtfulness involved in carrying out all these research experiments. In the left example, students were using solo/pairs tables by the windows. Discovering customers’ needs, having products and services to fulfill them, and making sure people know the library can help—that’s what ensures success. Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm Sunday 12pm - 6pm. For us here at the university, that’s primarily going to be our students, but also faculty and staff, and community users. Then they devised a heatmap to show where students were congregating. In the United States, Friends groups also work closely with the … To do that, we need to back up our marketing and advocacy with data and stories. Before we get into it, I want to share my working definitions of marketing and advocacy. I was asked to give a presentation for university faculty and staff on marketing and advocating for the library. We also need to investigate the unmet needs of our users and figure out: WHAT ARE WE NOT DOING THAT WE SHOULD BE DOING? I wish we could encourage faculty to consider publishing in reputable open access journals (those that provide free access online and are non-profit). Contact: ALA Library … 3) Spreading the word effectively so people know that you have those things they want. People submit their jobs to the library and we print their items. Use the scrap paper to write down FIRST 5 things you think of when you hear the word “LIBRARY.”. Below are slides and my notes. Over the years of guiding the MLS newsletter, I learned so much about how librarians can (and should, I believe) work to promote all types of libraries, for many reasons. There is no one that chooses and distributes books to all libraries -- and that includes ALA. In our case, this would naturally include the Provost and senior leadership, possibly the Board too. Marketers today know that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective promotional tools. So before I talk about why marketing and advocacy are an essential part of a library staff’s work, I want to do a little activity. Upcoming Events. So how do marketing and advocacy go hand in hand to create a better library? Marketing focuses on the library’s current users and also our potential users. Never guess what people want when you can ask them. Some of the usual stereotypes: books, old lady, mean, shhhh, and glasses. Help them get a new perspective o how to use marketing to make the library known, too! To me, that places the library in the forefront of not just being a repository of THINGS, but a place that CREATES things–and I think that sends a powerful message to campus. It’s very book-centric and focused on a lot of clerical tasks. With this growth in self-published materials, librarians, publishers, and vendors have been forced to rethink channels of production, distribution, and access as it applies to the new content. Students already pay a lot for college and this doesn’t help. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to gain respect and funding. To learn more about how marketing can ensure awareness of the ways the library can be helpful to the community, we’ve interviewed Kathy Dempsey, founder of Libraries Are Essential, consulting firm on library marketing, promotion, and public relation. So if you want more details, look up The Accidental Library Marketer. how marketing and advocacy fits into some trends I’m seeing with libraries and higher education. Last year, I was asked to give a presentation to a group of high school students who were in a pre-college program. For example, your library system will show how many end users you have across all sites. This is particularly necessary in the current environment of technological change. Another idea I like are these “Library Minute” videos from Arizona State University. © 2020 Princh A/S. The library needs to attract enough users to make these outgoings worthwhile, and senior management need to see the benefits of having a library. So based off of this data, library administration could go to senior leadership in proposing renovations or improvements based on space. They don’t understand that libraries offer services, events, and classes that are relevant to them. In today's knowledge economy, library and information services are viewed as saleable products. Asking and receiving feedback (which for some can be tough to hear to read) especially on a perception that you nay not agree with can be really challenging. The Friends: Distribute free and discounted books to deserving communities; they are now owned by a small number of multinational publishing conglomerates which can jack up the prices. Made with, How to effectively use marketing in a library. I decided to make this my specialty. These Friends organized representatives to talk at clubs and societies in favor of the library. Librarians Phasing in a New Normal: Part II. The entry form asks for information on many of the steps in the Cycle, and the winners’ projects are excellent examples of marketing done right. What’s in there? Contact companies directly for further information. And so, too many citizens are not willing to let tax money or government funds support them. How many of these are regular library users? The concluding speaker of the luncheon, an ALA Trustee, summed up the role of these groups: “The word ‘Friend’ is singularly appropriate for a movement which has recognized and assumed the task of informing and direction public opinion on the services of the public library.”, Propaganda, Promotion, and Public Relations. A special library’s worth is also measured (in part) by usage. Johnson County Library was started by a dedicated group of community members who ran libraries out of their homes, schools, and businesses.

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