elgin marbles

[7] The Acropolis Museum displays a proportion of the complete frieze, aligned in orientation and within sight of the Parthenon, with the position of the missing elements clearly marked and space left should they be returned to Athens.[8]. 2016 marked 200 years since Greece was robbed of its famous Parthenon Marbles, known around the world as the so-called “Elgin Marbles”, … The term Elgin marbles refers to the collection of marbles that Lord Elgin took from the Acropolis in 1801, that are now housed in the British Museum in London. [122] It was on display there from Saturday 6 December 2014 until Sunday 18 January 2015. The defending Turks fortified the Acropolis and used the Parthenon as a castle. William St Clair, Lord Elgin and the Marbles (3rd edition Oxford University Press, 1998) Ian Jenkins, The Parthenon Frieze (British Museum Press, 1994) These titles, and others, are available in the British Museum Book Shop. Originally, he had them in his home but when he ran into financial strife he sold them to the British crown. A UK government spokesperson said: “The UK’s position on the Parthenon sculptures remains unchanged – they are the legal responsibility of the British Museum. Les Marbles ont été transportés par voie maritime en Grande - Bretagne. The objects were removed from the Parthenon at Athens and from other ancient buildings and shipped to England by arrangement of Thomas In 1810 Elgin published a defense of his actions that silenced most of his detractors. Jenkins, I., '"Sir, they are scrubbing the Elgin Marbles!" Richard Westmacott, who was appointed superintendent of the "moving and cleaning the sculptures" in 1857, in a letter approved by the British Museum Standing Committee on 13 March 1858 concluded[70]. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. That is not up for discussion as part of our trade negotiations.”. Edward Daniel Clarke witnessed the removal of the metopes and called the action a "spoliation", writing that "thus the form of the temple has sustained a greater injury than it had already experienced from the Venetian artillery," and that "neither was there a workman employed in the undertaking ... who did not express his concern that such havoc should be deemed necessary, after moulds and casts had been already made of all the sculpture which it was designed to remove. [62][63] One shipload of marbles on board the British brig Mentor[64] was caught in a storm off Cape Matapan in southern Greece and sank near Kythera, but was salvaged at the Earl's personal expense;[65] it took two years to bring them to the surface. The Elgin Marbles are a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures, inscriptions and architectural members that were mostly created by Phidias and his assistants. A study by Professor David Rudenstine of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law concluded that the premise that Elgin obtained legal title to the marbles, which he then transferred to the British government, "is certainly not established and may well be false". In Rudenstine's view, this substitution of "Mr. Philip Hunt" with the initials "N.N." to which Hunt answered "yes", adding that he possessed an Italian translation of the original firman. Les négociations n'aboutirent pas[11]. However, the Government says it will not be discussing the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece as part of any future trade negotiations with the EU. Yet another effort to clean the marbles occurred in 1937–38. Four years later, the dowel hole in a centaur's hoof was damaged by thieves trying to extract pieces of lead. To facilitate transport by Elgin, the columns' capitals and many metopes and frieze slabs were either hacked off the main structure or sawn and sliced into smaller sections, causing irreparable damage to the Parthenon itself. While many parts of the temples frieze and pediment are battered and worn, as you would expect of two thousand year old pentallic marble, there are an equal number of parts that are made of crisp white plaster. relating to or being a people who are the original, earliest known inhabitants of a region, or are their descendants. Among these were friezes, pediment sculptures, and fragmented statues from the cella (interior chamber) walls of the Parthenon; the northeast column, an anta capital, blocks of wall crown (crown molding), including architrave and cornice, and a caryatid from the Erechtheum (a temple of Athena); and various other antiquities from Athens, Attica, and other sites.

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