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"[39] A live recording of "Zooropa" from the U2 360° Tour was featured on the U2.com member-exclusive album, U22, taken from the performance in Baltimore on 22 June 2011.[34]. "[52] José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, quoted the song's lyrics at a 2005 press conference after enlisting Bono in an effort to get governments in the European Union to give more money to developing countries,[53][54] and stated that the lyrics inspired an article he wrote about the future of Europe. The clips included the lyric "What do you want?" You must be a logged-in member to add comments. : ). [27] "Zooropa" also appeared on the Modern Rock Tracks chart on 7 August 1993 at number 28, and peaked at number 13 during its eight weeks on the chart. [10], Synthesizer sounds were added by producer Brian Eno on a Yamaha DX7 keyboard, including a "squishy, mad-synth sound" to create a "dovetail" connecting the different segments of the song. It was a concert for cryin' out loud, not a poetry reading. [8] A rapid rhythmic synthesiser fades in and at 4:03, the drums and bass re-enter and the song assumes an increased tempo. ...as one of the people who was EXTREMELY happy to hear this song played live, was extremely happy to see it was going to be included on this album, and is very happy as well that u2.com finally seems to be putting some effort into the bonus CD this year. Won't go into details, makes my blood boil. Saw 360 five times in June/July. If you just close your eyes the world's best. Visually stunning with the jackets and the 360 stage--I can't wait to get the CD! [12] Jon Pareles from The New York Times said that the track was reminiscent of old U2 songs, but added new elements such as distorted vocals and repeating guitar squealing. Promotional recordings of the song were released in the United States and Mexico, and the song appeared on two record charts shortly after its release in 1993. As the song fades in, sustained chords are played, and a noisy collage of mainly indecipherable human voices from radio signals fades in at 0:19. [1], Following the first three verses of advertising slogans, the song continues with the lyrics "I have no compass, and I have no map" and "No reason to get back", referring to the uncertainty of the new direction of U2's music at the time. Don't believe what you see U2 had difficulty performing the song live, which Bono acknowledged to the audience following its debut. i love this song was include on the tour...zooropa rules! So, I decided I would not end my summer experience with that - then next day made arrangements for MN and that show was magic. what a great song,,,4ever the best u2,,,this is what we want u2 fans need this musics..zzzzoropa u2 until we die we love you...portugal u2 4 ever. Beautiful Day, now remastered. I can think of only 1 U2 show experience where I was surrounded by dopes; one of the Vertigo Tour shows at the United Center in Chicago. 2.8K likes. [8] The song was created from two separate pieces of music. It is the opening track from their 1993 album Zooropa. [58] The book Religious Nuts, Political Fanatics lists "Zooropa" as one of 22 U2 songs for "recommended listening". I loved that experimentation era of the band. Check out the Official Trailer! During the Zoo TV Tour in 1992, U2 were trying to create a vision of an attractive future for Europe, as opposed to a negative, dystopian image that would be found in science fiction. It was my favorite part of the show thanks for including it this tour. Dream Out Loud-film. Was so thankful that our seats didn't pit us next to idiots who'd eventually ruin the show. [23][24] The logo represents an urban legend about a Soviet cosmonaut left floating in orbit for weeks after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Excellent addition to the set list. The recording of the song received mostly positive reception from critics, who praised it as the album's opening track. [4] Following the release of "Zooropa", references to the song have appeared in professional writings and in other media. [1] Bono has referred to Zooropa as being a concept album,[2] with a main theme of the exploration of interpellation within the European Union. [49] Brothers also compared the song to "Acrobat", stating both songs reference a response to uncertainty and an unavoidable feeling of alienation. Zooropa … Be all that you can meet' For some reason it felt a little out of place back them, but is totally in sinc with the 21st century. The lyrics were written by vocalist Bono, describing two characters in a brightly lit city in a futuristic version of European society. "[1] A review of the album in Melody Maker compared the lyric "Uncertainty can be a guiding light" towards the end of the song to the line "If you walk away, [...] I will follow" from U2's 1980 single "I Will Follow". [59] A 2009 review of U2's album No Line on the Horizon, MusicRadar described the song "Magnificent" as "'New Year's Day' meets 'Zooropa'". Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! The riff is briefly played on its own before the bass guitar and drums join in at 2:03. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1993 CD release of Dream Out Loud on Discogs. From a long time fan. I was so happy to get to see this performed this past summer, especially with the cool light jackets and glad that it made the cut onto the CD.

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