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No wait, that's not what I was gonna bring up. We cannot guarantee for security of a linked website. This…, Rocky LaForge 18,801 films 2,277 59 Edit, Andrew Liverod 11,875 films 408 17 Edit. Gay outlaw cowboys, always need more of those. Add the first question. (Ital. Was this review helpful to you? One--- crazy-ass name. Okay, TWO things are for sure about Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! Statistics | This uncut version like the longer versions of The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General goes a little fuzzy for the restored scenes but is well worth it for the depravity! Good cinematography by Franco Delli Colli , including a nice remastering . 16, And I guess that makes sense because I didn't find the character anywhere near as compelling as he was in the hands of Franco Nero or Jamie Foxx, and certainly nowhere close to the same league as Clint Eastwood's The Man with No Name, who seems to be the guy Milián is most trying to channel. The western I'd been waiting for these last few years. Tomás Milián Marilù Tolo Piero Lulli Milo Quesada Francisco Sanz Miguel Serrano Ángel Silva Sancho Gracia Mirella Pamphili Ray Lovelock Roberto Camardiel Patrizia Valturri Calogero Azzaretto Lars Bloch Frank Braña Sisto Brunetti Ann Collin Gene Collins Rafael Hernández Antonio Pica Herman Reynoso Fernando Villena Quinto Gambi, Franco Arcalli Giulio Questi Benedetto Benedetti, GIA Società Cinematografica Hispamer Films, Django Vem Para Matar, O Pistoleiro das Balas de Ouro (Matar para Viver e Viver para Matar), Si estás vivo dispara, Django - Leck Staub von meinem Colt, Django dræber, Oro maldito, Django - tappaja, Tire encore si tu peux, Ένας ξένος... λίγο χρυσάφι... πολλά πτώματα, Long hu sheng si dou, Lung fu san sei dau, Oro hondo, 情無用のジャンゴ, Django Mata, Django, Kill! NeverTooEarlyMP 4,407 films 1,673 66 Edit, A collection of queer characters, representations, and sensibilities on film. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It's got one crazy-ass name. in conclusion: eat this movies ass, citizen kane. IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT! 1967 : Meeting Queer Folks In Dark Rooms. And he desperately needed one. If You Live, Shoot! Few things. Admins. A good example of Latino western genre from Italy and Spain ; it is daring , surreal and notoriously violent Spaghetti , so extreme in every way , it is one of the handful of great Italian Western . Report this film. Western 1967). It’s got a weird blend of genres such as western, melodrama, homoeroticism, horror, and psychedelic style that was prevalent during that time. A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, hamburger splash 1,812 films 10,184 98 Edit, Darren Carver-Balsiger 849 films 17,592 1272 Edit. - 2019. Tobias Andersen 8,202 films 16,331 754 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via:, See how many number of films there are in the…. Ray Lovelock Unfortunately too hyped up for me. However, the Americans led by Oaks (Piero Lulli) in the group betray him, and shoot all the Mexicans . If You Live, Shoot' on the Internet Movie Database! All the films from my exploitation lists, bundled into one mega-super-list-to-rule-them-all! . No wait, that's not what I was gonna bring up. However, the Americans in the band betray him, and shoot all the Mexicans. The film is full of 60s style blood and gore, redder than red stuff pouring out. If You Live, Shoot' on Wikipedia! Wikipedia specifies that despite the title of the film Milián isn't actually supposed to be Django. a gothic horror spaghetti western with, but not limited to: a gang of gay outlaws (mood), christian resurrection/zombie symbolism, dreamy editing and cinematography, a wonderfully subversive narrative structure, and a truckload of that iconic 60s/70s candy colored gore thats more typical for a giallo than it is a spaghetti western, so instead we get the best of both worlds here and its fucking glorious. I'm pretty bummed I didn't like this more. It's just a shame about the script and the direction and a lot of the performances. The Unhappy Place. There’s a lot to think about with the gold crown, suicide, sadism, and just dour opinion of humanity. It’s got a weird blend of genres such as western, melodrama, homoeroticism, horror, and psychedelic style that was prevalent during that time. I was expecting something a but more raucous. Bleak, surreal, grim, and filled with horror tinged setpieces, gay cowboys, and trippy editing. | If You Live, Shoot' on the Internet Movie Database! Evil Dead zombie hand bursts forth from the ground, but it belongs not to your average member of the undead. One--- crazy-ass name. (In case it's not clear at first that our traditional unnamed protagonist gunslinger's journey is connected to the betrayal and resurrection of Christ, there's a visual near the end…. I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful. If You Live, Shoot! IMDb Django Kill, if You Live, Shoot! That said, the sparse moments and concepts that are interesting are very interesting. Developers | However, the Americans in the band betray him, and shoot all the Mexicans. Django indeed kills, lives, and shoots in this film. Though not really a Django film, it trumps the nihilism of the Corbucci/Nero movie by removing all familiar signposts to traditional Western conflicts and leaving only the idea that people are terrible and greedy and life is worthless. Screenshots may be viewed here, here, here, here and here!. The director Giulio Questi perhaps wanted the viewer to wallow in the…. The sense of pacing is such that his film can be counted on to move quickly and smoothly . Seems like it's going to be a simple revenge story but changes into a tale of greed.

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