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And without exception the ones who are struggling and unhappy married men who don’t.”, 5  A Song for the Dark Times by Ian Rankin (Orion, $38), “The ‘dark times’ are not the virus … In September 2019 when I started writing this book I thought, well we’re going through a fairly dark period in world history. 4  Normal People by Sally Rooney (Faber and Faber, $23), 5  The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle (Allen & Unwin, $33), “American media coverage is happening, and it’s every bit as exciting as I hoped!” – Carlyle, tweeting October 8, 6  Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo (Penguin, $24), 7 The Survivors by Jane Harper (MacMillan, $35). A copy of the most celebrated novel of 2020 can be seen in the bookcase of Auckland writer Amy McDaid, author of Fake Baby. From the author of 2018 hit Boy Swallows Universe. Unfortunately very few people seem to agree with that perception of Bridges’ performance -including his own caucus, who installed the equally befuddled but perhaps slightly kinder Todd Muller as leader. Start your day with our best stories in your inbox. I was speaking with a voice I had never heard myself use, and without inhibition.” The stage, as they say, is set. We also have a custom editorial division which creates smart, shareable content for brands. At intermediate, girls told Ghahraman she was fat (“I had developed curves early”) and made her life hell: “I started counting calories and incessantly running after school, desperately trying to lose the ‘fat’...I lost sleep feeling anxious about things I had eaten as far back as years before. Yes. "In three parts and various close third-person narratives, the story moves from contemporary New Zealand to nineteenth century Germany and back again," wrote Stephanie Johnson, in her review at the Academy of New Zealand Literature. It probably should have ended there too and spared us the bizarre Mills and Boon tribute to Bridges that follows. Attacked mercilessly by pundits, the public, politicians, and media for courageously taking the fight to the blundering Jacinda Ardern and giving voice to … someone? 4  Ottolenghi: Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage (Ebury, $60). Announcements 2020. Penk also claims at the beginning of Flattening The Country that  he’ll use references to help prove his points. Join us May 4-10 and November 9-15. And are there some countries whose covid-19 results have been worse than ours (as well as some whose are better)? “I stopped sleeping...My hair was falling out...I came home with a deep sense of insecurity about my work prospects...I started seeing a psychologist.”. An absolute stalwart of these lists, approaching Sally Rooney-level. 9 The Book of Overthinking by Gwendoline Smith (Allen & Unwin, $24.99), 10 Wild Horses of the World by Kelly Wilson (Penguin Random House, $60). Take a moment each day to think about what this whakataukī could mean for you, in your current situation, with regard to the questions you have about yourself and your life. She writes about her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the support of her partner Guy Williams, her teenage years wagging school on K Road, her trade portfolio (“It’s sometimes hard to get an answer, but, calmly, I persist”) her defence portfolio (“I am obstinately opposed to the billions of dollars we spend on war-making machines”). This week’s best-sellers This week's biggest-selling New Zealand books, as recorded by the Nielsen BookScan New Zealand bestseller list and described by Steve Braunias. Choose a whakataukī for your week. life is short, dump them, 2 Aroha by Hinemoa Elder (Penguin Random House, $30), 3 Searching for Charlie by Tom Scott (Upstart Press, $49.99). for support, It looks like this account has been He kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero. One of the most affecting books we’ve read; this review by Susan Wardell comes close to conveying its bigness, but also, please read the book. That phone call never came.” Unforgivable! I don’t remember a single word – in 10 years of staging the Press Club, I hardly ever listen; only a few speakers are capable of compelling oratory, such as Moana Jackson, Mihingarangi Forbes, Paddy Gower and the late Greg King (three months later, in the hills above Wellington harbour, he shot himself) -  but she had a strange, nervous charisma, she burned with sincerity and conviction, she handled the craziness from the audience (Richie Hardcore rose to his feet and challenged Sean Plunket to a fight, then sat down again and went back to looking at Twitter on his phone) with poise and humour. Parliament will now have two strong medical minds at a time when a strong Covid-19 response remains vital. National’s share of the party vote more than halved in nine electorates while Labour improved its own portion of the party vote by double digits in 55 seats. 2 Stop Surviving Start Fighting by Jazz Thornton (Penguin, $38), 3 Listen to Spirit by Kelvin Cruickshank (Penguin, $38), 4 The Book of Overthinking by Gwendoline Smith (Allen & Unwin, $24.99), 5 So Delish! His Facebook post criticising the Government received nearly 30,000 comments. In this interview with Kim Hill, Moran said a woman in middle age is “the fifth emergency service for those around you”. The idea of such a book does have merit. The official dates for CBCA Book Week 2020 are 22-28 August. View the announcement HERE. deleted in the past. Book of the Year Key Dates. This week's biggest-selling New Zealand books, as recorded by the Nielsen BookScan New Zealand bestseller list and described by Steve Braunias, 1 Supergood by Chelsea Winter (Penguin Random House, $50).

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