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There are many more as well. The Best Metal Albums of 2020 So Far, According to the Staff of Metalsucks. Hardcore is more exciting and creative than it’s been in years, and Pittsburgh’s 156/Silence line up next to hometown compadres Code Orange in the vanguard of bands pushing it forwards. Visit our corporate site. The Black Dahlia Murder have grown to become one of extreme metal’s most respected bands. Verminous doesn’t just uphold their quality control; it represents a band who are still evolving, possibly yet to reach their creative zenith. A fine work of sincere beauty, Anubis do well to transport the listener to some new heights. By The best metal albums of 2020 so far By Metal Hammer ( Metal Hammer ) 20 August 2020 Metallica, Trivium, Ozzy… 2020 hasn’t all been bad, as these brilliant albums prove Did we miss on anything? Silence In The Age Of Apes and Child continue the vibe, the former combining fiendish riffery with the band’s System Of A Down-style idiosyncrasies and death metal influences. Denkt ihr nicht auch immer sofort an Panzer, wenn ihr Korn hört? BA1 1UA. Fall Away edges on thrash territory, while the bridge of A Depth That No One Dares is deliciously blackened by its blastbeats and shrill screams. Synthpop King Vince Clarke on Erasure's 18th Studio Album… Still, Scourged Ghoul Undead’s depiction of a zombie child revisiting his mother proves that beneath their compositional elegance, Carach Angren are still some of metal’s sickest puppies. With its strong songwriting and presentation, Lamb of God stands out as one of the finest metal releases of the first half of 2020, and one of the band’s best albums ever. Genre: Alternative … See which music tops the charts, read reviews, and rate albums. Cats may have nine lives but Vader probably have more. There’s a serious challenge involved with objectively reviewing something that seems so stripped bare of facade; so naked and upfront, whilst simultaneously being enshrouded in an enigmatic haze. However, retreating to headphones and listening to the same albums repeatedly doesn't fix this world or the communities we live in. 2020 is the year that rock keeps rolling, whatever the world throws at it: here are the best albums of the year so far . Homeless requires time and a degree of patience to unlock its beauty and charm, but once that beauty is finally revealed, it’s utterly impossible to deny or ignore it. The sheer talent and artistic wisdom it takes to produce such a towering, jam-packed album as this nearly 15 years into their career proves why the UK band are still such a formidable force in the metalcore realm today. The best metal albums of 2020 so far. Well, I have been a fan of Ulcerate since their 2013’s album “Vermis” because of their complexity. Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. Brazenly starting with the 26-minute astral opus, Moonbelt Immolator, the debut full-length from aptly titled Leeds four-piece Cryptic Shift surfs on interstellar crosswinds, shifts tempos like daredevil timelords on a massive bender and temporarily peels off layers to uncover glistening terrain buried just below the bewilderingly brutal churn. 2020 Hell of a year, Aside from the current epidemic situation, we received several powerful albums from bands like My Dying Bride, Sylosis, Testament, Lamb of God, and a lot more to come.So here is a list of Best Metal Albums of the first half of 2020. A host of metal’s biggest bands and most exciting new acts have released a stream of blockbusting albums which provide a welcome distraction for what’s going on outside the window. I asked the staff at Metal Injection to contribute their five favorite albums of 2020 so far with brief words why they picked them. The 8th album of Lamb of God features Art Cruz, who replaces the Original Drummer Chris Adler as Chris left the band in July 2019. 10 Years Later: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME’s “The Great Misdirect” Stands Test of Time, ENSLAVED’s IVAR BJØRNSON Talks Upcoming Album “Utgard”, Album Review: Groove Think – Me, the Machine. I’m stoked that this band is now more than a one-off thing, and very excited for the future. Die Metal-Alben der Woche vom 25.09. mit Kataklysm, Deftones, The Ocean u.a. Rex isn’t a Lucio Fulci-like gorefest but rather a slick and gracefully retro Hammer Horror flick - a black/thrash album not filled with booze or cheesy imagery but short, to-the-point proper songs in the purest 80s tradition full of streamlined heavy metal licks, melodic solos and gothic-embossed horror. This is a very refreshing listen and one of the strongest candidates for the album of the year. Song after song, City Burials reveals vibrancy and variety as its two major takeaways. A.A. Williams’ majestic debut album isn’t heavy in the traditional sense, but there’s plenty of weight to it. Keine METAL HAMMER-Ausgabe verpassen, aber nicht zum Kiosk müssen: Bestell dir jetzt und nur für kurze Zeit 3 Hefte zum Sonderpreis im Spezial-Abo für nur 9,95 € direkt nach Hause! Page 1 - 150 151 - 239 >> 1: 1. 2020 Hell of a year, Aside from the current epidemic situation, we received several powerful albums from bands like My Dying Bride, Sylosis, Testament, Lamb of God, and a lot more to come. His hyper-charged performance complements lead guitarist Spider’s classic and melodic metal leanings perfectly instead of clashing with them. Justice for Breonna Taylor (her killers are still at large) It's time to take action. From meeting that expectation, Toward the Sun feels so much more honest. Bath This is the sound of a nocturnal hunt in deepest Transylvania next to Sir Christopher Lee, yet with a typically Scandinavian flair. 13 Oct 2020. If someone asks what My Favorite Song of The Year is, then it’s going to be “Your Broken Shore”. Antonio Poscic. Music Reviews: Sex Death & the Infinite Void by Creeper released in 2020 via Roadrunner. As a result, recorded for the first time in the UK since their 1992 debut, The Ultimate Incantation, and packed with mostly two-minute to-the-point juggernauts, their 12th album of originals is their best in more than a decade. Neatly balancing stunning melodies with teeth-clenching brutality throughout, they’ve made show-stopping metalcore look easy once again. When you look closer at the progression between the three albums, one can easily be surprised that the band didn’t sound as they do in 2020 much earlier. As Chris left, the band’s impulse decreased. Wir haben hier die komplette, aktuelle Übersicht für euch! Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? It has a beautiful melodic touch. An imaginative retelling of the Frankenstein myth, Franckensteina Strataemontanus ties in timeless themes from Mary Shelley’s 1816 original with the alchemical experiments of occult physician Johann Dippel (the novel’s possible inspiration), plus a 1920s German serial killer, a British military campaign of WWII and a particularly cruel 13th-century Holy Roman Emperor. Into Nothing is pure groove metal, flaunting an energetic bounce throughout. Yeah, you can compare them to Deftones. Prog Sphere is a website for devotees of progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz fusion, and ALL of its varied sub-genres. Visit our corporate site. A trans, trap-metal rapper born in Zambia but based in Montreal since the age of 17, Ashanti Mutinta has crafted, with her third album, a sound that blends her loves of hip hop, industrial and metal in a way that sounds unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. American Civil Liberties Union G… Accessible is, of course, a relative term when talking about the iron-hard, pulsating doom and feral vocals within, but they’re confronting issues of gender, discrimination and self-identity in a manner that gives modern metal a progressive, transgressive edge it too often sorely lacks these days. Since 1983 and still slaying with top-notch death metal albums, the mighty “Slayer of death metal” Vader released their 12th LP on 1st May. Advertisement. In my opinion, “The Death of Me” is one of the best metal albums of 2020. Here is a great link to a list of other charities. The world is in shambles and I hope that we can find even the slightest shred of solace in the music we love. Other than the first band I mentioned, there seems to be a trend of the acts I highlight taking a long time between records. And boy howdy, was I right. After a long hiatus in the middle of the decade, Fracture is a loud signal that Bleed From Within’s comeback is to be taken incredibly seriously. Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht über kommende Metal-Alben, Band-Merch zum Basteln: Wir verlosen 3x den AC/DC „Back in Black“-Tour-Truck als 3D-Puzzle von Revell, Wir erklären Jazzcore: Diese Bands reißen Grenzen ein, Hole dir die aktuelle METAL HAMMER-Ausgabe als PDF-Download, Zum Welttag des Hundes: 10 Songs über den besten Freund des Menschen, Diese Horrorspiele lassen euer Blut in den Adern gefrieren, STEVE LEE – THE EYES OF A TIGER: IN MEMORY OF OUR UNFORGOTTEN FRIEND, THE CTHULIAN PULSE: CALL FROM THE DEAD CITY.

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