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In the past, Alder's starter Pokémon died of illness, and in despair over not being able to save it, he began traveling around aimlessly. Alder debuted in Ash and Trip's Third Battle!, during a flashback of Trip's childhood. In their battle, although Trip's Serperior was shown to be strong, it was no match to Bouffalant. Ash saw Alder and remembered him having a Bouffalant. Oddly, he seems to fall asleep standing up. Trainer (Black 2 and White 2) According to Ghetsis, Alder didn't win the place of Champion, but the Elite Four asked for him to take the title. Alder is also the only Champion to not use any Pokémon capable of, Alder is the only Champion in the anime whose, Alder shares his battle theme with three other characters—. However, beneath, Alder respects the bonds between trainer and Pokémon, feeling that is the strength that one could prove in a battle, rather than raw force itself. Alder's Battle Sprite in Black 2 & White 2. Alder was mentioned by Trip, who wanted to become the Champion and defeat Alder. While Shin is battling, he randomly finds a Hyper Potion with a written on it hidden in his Emboar's tail, which Alder claims is his present to Shin. Challenging Shin that if he can lay a single finger on the Light Stone he will give it to him, he begins a harsh battle against Shin with his flawless Volcarona. The heroes agreed with his views and bid Alder farewell. As such, he is first seen in a flashback to when Trip was a child. Much later, after N gains control of Reshiram/Zekrom, Alder appears and N informs him about his plans to change the world along with a reminder why he is traveling around the Unova region. He appeared battling Ash in person in "Ash Versus the Champion!". In Jostling for the Junior Cup!, Alder was one of the hosts of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup alongside Freddy O'Martian. Much like Brock, he often flirts with women such as Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Cynthia. He also wears an outfit that is similar to the garb of a Native American: a tan cloak-like vestments with a black collar, red and orange trim on the sleeves, and orange and black trim across the middle. Before his partner's death, the two of them madly pursued strength, much like Cheren did. Ghetsis suggests that Alder may not have actually won the title of Champion, instead being requested by the Pokémon League to take the position. BW094: Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three! Later on, Alder opened the Junior Cup and wished everyone good luck for the incoming battles, for the winner of the cup would battle Alder himself. Preferred type: Alder debuted in A Nickname for Tepig, where he was featured in Black's imagination when he voiced his desired to conquer the Pokémon League. In PS548, it was revealed that Alder had one other Pokémon that died due to illness. [4] During the Junior Cup, Alder commented on many great battles. Alder asked what would they do after they reached their goal, making the heroes wonder about that, so Alder asked what do they needed to reach those goals. Occupation: Annoyed the mayor hadn't come even after their battle was finished, Alder went to take a break and play with the wild Pokémon outside. Afterwards, Alder explained he wanted to get stronger, though also wished people and Pokémon to live in harmony, wishing to reach this goal through the journey. Alder is a tall, powerfully-built man with long flaming red hair tied back in a spiky ponytail, tan skin, and dark eyes. Alder understood what was the problem and toppled Gigalith over, causing Gigalith to be knocked down. He is a wise older person with much life-experience. Characterized as strong and wise, Alder is respected as the Unova League Champion. Once the player character defeats him, his grandson, Benga; will come rushing in, stating that he has completed the Black Tower/White Tree Hollow challenge. Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures. Bouffalant licked Alder in happiness, while Trip started to wonder what went wrong. After Cheren says he seeks to become Champion to gain strength, Alder decides to have him and the player character have a Pokémon battle with two Preschoolers to show him their battle styles. He physically debuted in Gigi's Choice, where he met Marshal at Nimbasa City. Later, Alder sent Bouffalant out to face the rampaging Gigalith, but he then decided to handle the situation himself. His hair resembles the feathery headdress of a Native American Chief. Voice actor: He is a man with multiple personalities and describes himself as a burning man. Alder then offered it an apple as an apology. After the lunch, Alder asked the heroes what their goals were. In PS547, Whitley and N encountered Alder on the Plasma Frigate. Alder is the only Champion to exclusively use Pokémon that were introduced in the same generation as himself in all of his in-game appearances. But, when the game is completed, one may go back to Floccesy Town and he will ask to battle with him. He is kind, but passionate. Scottie Ray (English). This extends to the point where he has a habit of sleeping and forgetting things. Impressed, Alder inspired Trip to train hard when he got older, and promised that he would be waiting to challenge Trip someday. During the battle, Alder just stood calmly and allowed his Bouffalant to take multiple attacks from Ash's Pikachu. She also reappears at N's Castle where she and the other Unova Gym Leaders hold off t… Family: series, who is the Champion of the Unova region. In both versions, she shows up in Castelia City to aid the player, Burgh, and Bianca when Bianca's Munna is stolen; during this time, she acts as Bianca's bodyguard.In White, she is the Gym Leader of Opelucid City's Gym. Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures, After defeating Iris, the player can return to Floccesy Town and accept Alder's request for a battle. Alder was mentioned by Trip in "Ash and Trip's Third Battle!". He was shown to have a Bouffalant and to battle a trainer's Herdier. He leads Shin to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort where he says the Light Stone lies, inside showing him ancient drawings depicting the Hero and his Original Pokémon, and the war between the two brothers. In order to persuade Bouffalant to quit wasting time and attack, Alder slapped its rump, sending it charging. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Afterwards, much to Trip's disappointment, and despite his Bouffalant still being fit to battle, Alder conceded defeat to Ash and decided he was finished battling for the day. He also wears an outfit that is similar to the garb of a Native American: a tan cloak-like vestments with a black collar, red and orange trim on the sleeves, and orange and black trim across the middle. He sports a necklace of six Poké Balls. He wished to battle both of them in a two-on-one battle, but Trip refused to battle alongside Ash, so Alder settled for battling them one at a time. The three then set off to join Marlon and launch a counterattack against Team Plasma. Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder,, Bouffalant debuted in a flashback of Trip's childhood in, While he does not state that he specializes in any specific. Bouffalant became angry and attacked Alder, who calmed Bouffalant down by giving him an apple.

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