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Go-go dancers on a flatbed truck. Still, Deb and Simi decided to check with the Coast Guard, which referred their call to a Honolulu base. Maybe the work had been exhausting and she was asleep. Startups in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest continue raising gobs of money even amid an ongoing economic and health crisis. The Rams offense was flummoxed by the 49ers, and some role players could not get on the field, giving the staff a keen understanding that better balance will be needed against the Bears next weekend. McManus: Biden, like Trump, wants to turn back the political clock, Arellano: For Latinos and The Times, a complicated past — and a promising future, Banks: Navigating the complexities of race in L.A. — and in The Times’ newsroom — as a young, Black reporter, How the Dodgers and Rays match up position by position in the World Series, Exuberance caused Dodgers’ Game 7 hero Cody Bellinger’s shoulder injury. Coronavirus travel restrictions presented another challenge. The military was years away from “don’t ask, don’t tell” back then and, as she later wrote, “everyone was so fearful and afraid of being outed.”. A bout with cancer and a double mastectomy barely interrupted her progress as she won gold at the 2000 national championships, followed by a string of world championships. Over the next eight years, Madsen won bronze in the shotput at the 2012 London Paralympics and finished in the top 10 in the shotput and javelin at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. “All these people helping out,” Deb said. This map shows where drought is expected to develop, worsen, or improve across the contiguous U.S. during May 2020. “Don’t believe anyone who tells you they can’t get seasick,” he cautioned. U.S. Stocks Pare Gains With Aid Package Uncertain: Markets Wrap, Goldman Poised to Pay More Than $2 Billion in DOJ’s 1MDB Probe, An Obscure American Automaker Now Has the World’s Fastest Car, U.S. Stocks Drop With Spending-Aid Deal Elusive: Markets Wrap, Ireland Returning to Lockdown; Trump Rips Fauci: Virus Update. This animation shows drought development across the contiguous U.S. from January-mid-May 2020. “I wanted to spy on her, so I went down there and watched how she was with kids,” Deb recalled. “I had plans for rescue, plans for everything.”. Her love of the water was partly physical. Seeking help from a veterans group, Madsen arranged for temporary housing and got another boost from — oddly enough — another setback. So as geeky as it feels to bring Tupperware on dinner dates when I know I’ll want leftovers boxed up, I only need to imagine the restaurant’s plastic packaging breaking down into edible shards, joining the toxic soup that whales swallow and birds unknowingly feed their newborns. “There was something wrong.”. Big and strong, with a broad grin framed by curls of graying hair, Madsen focused on long-distance rowing later in life. I knew so little about the ocean when I accepted a job as a writing teacher with Semester at Sea and set out west across the Pacific. Even the small hardships — freeze-dried food gulped down with a splash of Tabasco, a bucket that served as a bathroom — she wore like a badge of honor. A year after the surgeries, Madsen was still in pain, still in denial about living in a wheelchair. Even when conditions mellowed, the swell ran as high as eight feet with winds at 10 to 20 knots. Madsen tried to resist, too busy for a relationship, but soon relented. When gale force winds rose suddenly off the California coast, a freighter tried to rescue her but accidentally sucked the Row of Life up and spit it out the back, with Madsen clinging for life inside one of the watertight compartments. The sea was calling. The 2020 Presidential Election: Views Across the Asia-Pacific. Angela Madsen’s boat surrounded by family members. From home in Long Beach, she could track Madsen’s progress on her smartphone — the boat usually moved two or three knots an hour while being rowed but now drifted with the current. She crossed the Atlantic and Indian oceans in pairs and small crews, a warmup for this 2,500-mile attempt to reach Honolulu. Based on the most recent outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, drought conditions were expected to worsen or persist in May across much of the Pacific Northwest, the Great Basin, and the Four Corners. Andrew Friedman played a huge role in building the Rays and the Dodgers. In 2008, Madsen completed her first major voyage with a male amputee partner, the pair rowing 2,552 miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua. In a year like this one, where the snowmelt is early and rapid, the season is shorter still. Even if winter snowpack doesn’t change significantly as a result of global warming, warmer springs and summers will shift the timing and duration of the melt season, and the runoff will come earlier and be over more quickly. Later, she joined small crews that crossed the Indian Ocean and circumnavigated Great Britain. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch washes up in my memory in banal moments. It was the invisible dance partner I balanced against while lecturing on Rachel Carson—quads braced and toes pressed against the keeling floor. Already, some private timberlands in western Oregon that normally open to the public for recreation have been closed in anticipation of a bad fire season, according to news reports. They invited her to an Olympic training center in Chula Vista to try throwing; the other athletes marveled that a 50-ish woman could push herself so hard, day after day, goading them to “suck it up, we’re going to keep working.”, “Angela brought life to the track,” said Liz Willis, an amputee sprinter who roomed with her at camp. That evening, she called Soraya Simi, a filmmaker who had spent a year documenting the crossing. As the jet flew low enough for its engines to be heard, crew members radioed Honolulu with a report: Madsen did not respond to their presence. No one can change what happened out there on the Pacific Ocean, no one can bring her back, but they can help her finish the crossing. Never much of a phone talker, Madsen tended to communicate by text and social media. Nobody is a match for the Pacific. I knew so little about the ocean when I accepted a job as a writing teacher with Semester at Sea and set out west across the Pacific. “There were many days when the sun looked like a huge red ball just hovering out there.”. Venture capital investors sunk $1.1 billion across … A solo ocean crossing was audacious for anyone to try; it bordered on madness for a 60-year-old grandmother paralyzed from the waist down. Across the Pacific Ocean Paddling across the Pacific Ocean. Climate change to increase water stress in many parts of U.S. Warming winters and dwindling Sierra Nevada snowpack will squeeze water resources in parts of California, Catastrophic wildfires in southeastern Australia in 2019-20, January precipitation deficits keep California drought outlook grim, California Facing Worst Drought on Record. She and another woman made a duo trip from California to Hawaii. The rigor of scrambling over endless swells, one after another, somehow appealed to her. This was a woman who lost the use of her legs in her mid-30s, winding up homeless for a time and suicidal. We’re here. In our pristine-looking path to Hawaii, it was all there—87,000 tons of electronics, toothbrushes, fishing nets, yogurt containers, and CD cases—churned into a thick soup that was invisible to me yet comprises three-quarters of some turtles’ diets. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. By David Wharton Staff Writer July 16, 2020 A few years later, someone invited her to an adaptive rowing clinic where she strapped into a specially equipped scull and, given her affinity for the water, was hooked. Across the Pacific is a 1942 American spy film set on the eve of the entry of the United States into World War II.The film was directed first by John Huston, then by Vincent Sherman after Huston joined the United States Army Signal Corps.It stars Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sydney Greenstreet.Despite the title, the action never progresses across the Pacific concluding in Panama. “She always went whole hog.”. Devilish training led to local races, then larger competitions. A bold endeavor by the nonprofit organization Ocean Cleanup is under way to filter trash out of the patch, but no one knows whether it will succeed. In between cities like Beijing and Yangon, the sea would serve as a palate cleanser. In a 2014 autobiography, “Rowing Against the Wind,” she wrote that “life has been hard to believe at times and seems like a made-for-TV movie.” Victim mentality took hold, threatening to drag her under. “I love her but I’m not that sentimental about body stuff,” she said. The Rams’ Aaron Donald is double-teamed constantly, but still produces and that attention creates opportunities for teammates. A shackle had broken loose on a parachute-like device that deployed below the surface to keep the boat steady in emergencies. Environmental disaster lurks right below the surface. “Angela says I was stalking her.”, Not only was rowing a good fit for the boy, it sparked an attraction between the women. A showcase for compelling storytelling from the Los Angeles Times. The plan is to get Madsen — and her boat — to Hawaii. Snow totals in several of the state’s mountain ranges, including the North Cascades and the Blue mountains were actually pretty good, and even in the Southeast, where they were below normal, they weren’t record-low. This quest of hers, to row from California to Hawaii alone, brought both frustration and joy, setbacks mitigated by small victories. There’s a dependability about this team that was absent in previous years. The Polynesia arrived on site at 6:25 p.m. that Monday, according to Coast Guard records. Her 20-foot fiberglass boat, with snarling teeth painted on the bow, had fore and aft cabins and an open space in the middle where she could work the oars. It was early 2015. In addition to a transponder, solar panels, an emergency beacon and a desalinator for making fresh water, the Row of Life had a satellite telephone. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. A call went out for help. As darkness fell on Sunday, it was too late to begin a search; that would have to wait until morning. But as Madsen reached the halfway point on her route, there was a problem. You row or die!”. The surge in cases across the Pacific is causing a deepening health and social crisis, underscoring the global reach of the COVID-19 pandemic. The writer revisits a painful memory from 1992, comparing it to his father’s trauma and the current firestorm at the Los Angeles Times. In what is essentially a high-altitude desert, all crops depend on irrigation or groundwater supplementation. Get used to it.’. “A combination of two sports,” she wrote.

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