ravens super bowl roster 2000

I think it was the Tennessee game [in the playoffs] for me. So it was that combination of having that defense intact and keeping those players every year. They had a great defense as well. What were we going to do? And obviously we weren’t favored going into the season. So many things have to go right for your team in order to win. What dance were we going to dance? I was like, “All right, OK.”Now, if we lose to Tennessee, “OK, all right, we’ll chalk it up, great season.” But then as the game changes — and you see it a little bit with the Ray Lewis hit against Eddie George — and we win that game, all the sudden my mind switches. When I got there in training camp. I know once we got past them, Oakland wasn’t going to be a problem, and the Giants, we were pretty confident about winning the Super Bowl at that time. Hey, whoa, we won. Oh wow, we get some swag. So that wasn’t ever the talk. It’s time to go to a Super Bowl.”. Rex Ryan on the bus afterward said, “You realize you just won the Super Bowl?” I didn’t quite understand what he was saying, but we didn’t quite match up as well against the Minnesota Vikings that year. So, how DID the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV? Check out the top images from Baltimore's 33-16 victory over the Texans in Week 2. We had never even made the playoffs in our organization’s history! … Getting by the Titans, that was a rival game for us. It was all right. But they didn’t do that. Marvin Lewis, definitely put something in our minds like, “All right, let’s start putting in the work.” And then I think we got our second shutout [against the Bengals in Week 4]. I said, “But now more importantly, it’s time to flip the switch. Whoa, how did the 2000 Ravens give up 36?! This is that AFC championship swag!” So I was like, “Hold on, wait a minute here. There were a couple games that kind of made me go, “OK, yeah, we’re really, really good.” You have a little bit of a stumble and you lose a little bit of confidence but you still think that you’re good. … I don’t know — 23, 24 years old, just a really young football player that was living in the moment. What swag is this? They didn’t have one winning record in their first four seasons. I would say if there was a boost, it was winning that [playoff] game. Jamal [Lewis] rushed for [187 yards]. When we got to Tampa, we knew. Second week of training camp I saw the leadership and veteran experience and the horsepower personnel-wise. But [what] was great is that we understood we had a sincere liking for one another. And they still went 2-3 in those games. Check out the best photos from the Ravens' 34-20 loss to the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs at M&T Bank Stadium. We were worried about what we were going to do when we get our interception. [Brian] Billick made the difficult decision to bring in a quarterback that was going to manage the game better and not turn the ball over. It would’ve been easy because when you’ve got a defense that’s playing that well and an offense that’s not carrying their end of the weight, it’s easy to finger-point. Although the Steelers wanted Woodson to help rebuild their secondary, the team didn't expect Woodson to be available to them so Chuck Noll told defensive coordinator Tony Dungy not to bother with a scouting report on Woodson. We just keep winning.” So what’s the final analysis? The whole season coming up to that point was a long season, as I was a young player. I knew we had a pretty good team but I was never sure we could win a Super Bowl. I don’t know what the odds were for us to win the Super Bowl, but certainly we probably weren’t in the top 10 or so. … Every guy knew what he had to do. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of that magical season, PressBox reached out to numerous prominent members of the team with the question, “When did you know the 2000 Ravens had a chance to win the Super Bowl and why?” Here’s what they told us. Really, it just kind of happened. I can’t put it on any one game necessarily. We’re having success and, “OK, we just beat the Titans. Covering Baltimore sports, from high school to the pros since 2006. I think we were ready to fight and battle for each other. But then once we beat Tennessee, I started to think, “We can take this whole thing.”. … We all talked about going to the Super Bowl. See the best photos from Baltimore's 27-3 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5 at M&T Bank Stadium. We’re going to carry our weight. After we clinched and Coach Billick said, “The time is here, it’s time to win a Super Bowl,” that’s the first time winning the big game entered my mind. When we did score — and I think it might’ve been against the Bengals — then it was like, “Yay, the hex is off.”, Photo Credits: Kenya Allen/PressBox, Courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens. |, Glenn Clark: Breaking Down Six Ravens Takes After Six Games, Towson Football Will Not Play Spring 2021 Season, Loyola’s Taleah Dixon, Isaiah Hart Pushing To Create Societal Change, Reaction To Ravens’ Week 6 Win Against Eagles, Five Takeaways From The Ravens’ 30-28 Win Against The Eagles, Ryan Mountcastle Shows Potential To Be Cornerstone Player For Orioles, After Injuries, DeShon Elliott Taking Advantage Of Opportunity With Ravens, Glenn Clark Radio Week In Review: Oct. 12-16, 2020, For Sam Koch, Ravens Career Has Been ‘Quite A Ride’ … But There’s More To Do. That means that we go to the Super Bowl? Everything was going our way. Were we going to hand it off? You know, what always sticks out to me with that season is the three-game losing streak and [the five] games we went without scoring a touchdown — and the way [Brian] Billick handled it. But the three that we lost out of the five, we discovered, “Man, all we’ve got to do is score 10 points and we’re going to beat these teams,” that type of thing. But I felt like just because we were on that winning streak, we didn’t want to give that up. There were so many games. We could have been very upset with one another, and I think that’s because we had enough veterans and people who had experienced losses and wins in the NFL — Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe and me and Ray [Lewis] a little bit because he was only in his fifth year. My attitude, when we played Denver, I had thought, “OK, if we lose to Denver, maybe you start getting ready.” My body was aching at that time. I’m going, “We’re talking about when we’re going to get an interception because we know that we’re that good.” Everyone was just doing their job and it was all clicking. just fucking incredible. Here are images from practice as the Ravens look to get the sour taste of the Chiefs loss out of the their mouths against the Washington Football Team. Sports Quiz / 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Roster Random Sports Quiz Can you name the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Roster? For [the Titans] to go ahead with the field goal — and I jumped offsides. Click here to sign up for PressBox’s free weekly email newsletter. Left Tackle Jonathan OgdenAs Written To PressBox. Pick-6 and kickoff return would have beaten the Giants (whose only points also came from a kickoff return). That’s a good feeling. It was just a fun feel. Everybody knew what their job was and everybody knew what [the job was for] the guy next to them. And I’m like, “Hold on, guys, we can move the ball a little bit against them, so we should have no problem getting 14, 17 points on someone else. For more from PressBox, read the latest news here. This is a subreddit for the NFL community. by NickChristy Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . We just dominated. They understood that if we were going places, we were going as a team. The Ravens were in only their fifth season of existence. The defense is just too good and explosive.” Come to find out, we were what I thought we were. You have to give it to the Ravens. And I think that game gave us a sense of, “Yeah, we are that good. Gosh, there’s a thing called the Black Hole and there are people over there with these funny uniforms on and they don’t even play. I think we were the first team to ever beat Tennessee [at then-Adelphia Coliseum] — they hadn’t lost a home game. That moment probably wasn’t until the AFC championship game because it literally was like, “Oh hey, we won. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Either that or [Matt] Stover was praying and he was like, “Everything on me.” I could make a case that because of those five games without a touchdown, that really solidified us as an offensive team because if you’re going to come apart at the seams, you’re going to come apart somewhere in there. And if we go to the AFC championship, then what is that? In literally every game, we were tracking stats and we just kept watching this improvement year over year over year to the point where the Super Bowl year, we knew we were capable of doing something special. btw the stat is that every game the Ravens scored a touchdown that season, they won a game, including a 39-36 game against Jacksonville, sorta reposted this comment from r/ravens. I had just gotten cut from Buffalo after making the Pro Bowl two years in a row, so I was kind of in shock still. Once we got there, it was just like, “OK, let’s get this going.” Before that, though, it was game after game. All memories were told to Glenn Clark unless otherwise noted. There’s a couple games that did it for me. We stuck together and we got it done. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star Popular Quizzes Today. Step inside Baltimore's Wednesday practice as the Ravens get set to take on the Eagles in Week 6. My favorite tidbit about Rod Woodson is from his wikipedia article. It was the likes of Ray Lewis, Tony Siragusa. … It was obvious in training camp that we were going to be really good, and with the way we were flying around and making plays, I hadn’t seen anything like it. That was a mentality that I think we all shared.

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