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"Funk, blues, folk - it's all here.

The latter displays some of the best songwriting, using lines like, "She's been walking around with a cold and an old broken heart" and the punch line "She's a landslide and I'm at the top of the hill" to tell of a destructive relationship, but one from which the narrator ultimately escapes. All in all it was an incredibly talented group of artists and I was fortunate to have them all on the project. “It’s very exciting; it’s a very cool experience … you look up and it’s like, Garbage is upstairs recording. There is a priceless moment during the second song, Don't Speak, when he goes into the bridge. Another case in point is the closer “Never Going Back,” a stark acoustic ballad with eerie overtones similar to Stephen Stills’ “4+20.” Here Croft sings, “Now the buildings look like gravestones / And the wind blows scattered bank notes / And the church bells sing their lonely three notes songs.

I am really proud of this CD. "- Roy Elkins, Broadjam Founder and CEO - Roy Elkins, CD Review from Rick's CafeI'm so fake," is the first thing Mark Croft tells us on his debut full-length "Sympathetic Groove."

A Londener now living in the Southwest, Benson became the producer (and no doubt a lot more) for the Evening Flood project.There’s more. Croft’s voice is a special treat. It was the first time I ever stepped out of the co-producer role and handed the reins over to a producer, but it was a great experience. The album simply doesn't let up.

Croft combines so many influences into his songwriting and performances that categorizing his music into a tidy genre can be a challenge. His chord choices and rhythms are just icing on the cake to his fantastically written lyrics. Nowhere is this more striking than on “The Edge of the City,” where the protagonist gets his revenge by shooting his brother’s killer. [Evening Flood] shows his best work to date and deserves to be heard by the masses.” - Andy Zielhi, Americana Gazette. Re-reading that article amde me realize how far things have come for Croft since then. I had 16 different musicians lend their talents to the project, which is a new record for me.

It’s best summed up by a passage from Bob Dylan’s memoirs. Whether or not great production values matter you, this record sounds as good as anything out there. Evening Flood is available through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and many of the most popular digital delivery sites, and you can order physical copies through my website (, at as well as As long as the Bonnaroo festival crowd encompasses such a broad swath of the music-buying population, there's always room for one more. The tune, by the way, is clearly the (first) single on this album.I especially enjoyed the raw sound of Landslide (and it takes quite a bit of chutzpah to call a song "Landslide," much less "Don't Speak.") I was just taking care of my family.’ “I think that’s what makes a great songwriter great,” he said, “It’s when you’re just sitting around, and you’re just taking the emotions that you’re feeling and not trying to be something but just being something.” -by Kris Adams - Core Weekly, Wisconsin State Journal Rhythm Section - by Rob ThomasCD Review – “Sympathetic Groove”Put a little more meat on Jack Johnson’s musical bones and you might hear something like Madison singer-songwriter’ Mark Croft first album “Sympathetic Groove.” Croft’s songs have the kind of playfulness one associates with Johnson or fellow travelers like John Mayer or Dave Matthews.
Noah’s also toured with Five For Fighting, and played on Brian Setzer’s latest CD shortly after mine.

Some hear rock.
Whatever the case, it leaves the listener to draw conclusions much of the time. I spoke with all of them before making that choice and explained what I was trying to accomplish. The appeal is obvious: all the head nodding, danceable listenability of those artists, but on a local level. The addition of Rodgers is especially potent. Tom has worked in the business as an engineer and producer for decades. It’s soothing imagery and flowing lyrical context is both relaxing and spiritual.Mark Croft is one of the Madison area’s finest singer/songwriters.

At times Croft’s lyrics are difficult to pin down. This year though I’m going to be spreading out and working different parts of the U.S.AG: Were you ever in a band before you undertook this solo gig?Croft: In High School I played in Garage Band playing Rock music covers with some friends and my next door neighbor. The CD features the rousing funk-infused single “The Gas Is On” written in the wake of the gulf oil spill and reflects on its global impact and aftermath. The subject matter is darker, too, with Croft jettisoning his nice-guy image to tell tales of bad boys, hit-men and lost souls. Kiki Schueler - Rick's Cafe, “Not only is it my favorite local album of 2005, I think it's my favorite album of 2005, period.” - John Urban, Host of Urban Theater, WISC-TV3 - John Urban, "...easily some of the best songs and one of the best performers I've worked with in the past 10 years." This is an all-out studio production that hits the right notes and gives bright, crisp tunes the big, bold production they were meant to have.This CD is every bit as catchy and listenable as anything John Mayer has done, with songs that are concise, hook-filled and radio-friendly. Always unafraid to break the genre barriers, Croft takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles and blends them into his own Pop/Roots approach to songwriting. “Bob was saying that back in the day everyone was calling him and saying things like ‘What’s it like to be the voice of a generation?’” Croft explained, “And he’s like, ‘I wasn’t thinking about writing songs, I was just writing songs. Full, deep, and smooth, a perfect listening experience.My favorite cut is Good Enough. Croft’s story telling in his songs are mini novels. Many times a rhythm or melody gets stuck in my head and I build a song around it. “And it’s a huge commodity because women find it so attractive.” Croft, a Wisconsin native, currently lives in Madison and plays mostly local shows, like his weekly gig Tuesdays at the Kimia Lounge.

His music has been described as Pop/Rock, but I hear a tinge of Americana in his lyrics and song styling’s. “You know at first when we started out I was calling it ‘blue acoustic’ music,” Croft said of his work. Mark Croft is an acoustic guitar based singer/songwriter with Roots, Pop, & Americana song stylings, Croft is the classic 'triple threat'; a skilled guitar player, a powerful and dynamic vocalist, and a talented songwriter and entertainer. 9/07.

There’s definitely some risk with this kind of model, but retaining the rights to the masters and having the freedom to decide what direction I take was worth it at this point.LS: How will you achieve distribution?Croft: My main concentration for distribution is through the web. Put it out yourself, do the work, and continue to build on your own.” I’ve had my brushes with some major labels in the recent past but never found a deal that was going to be really beneficial to me. In a repertoire brimming with memorable pop singles, Local Sounds Magazine called the title track, “Evening Flood”, “the best-written, most succinct pop song he’s done yet", while his Top-40-Country-tinged, "Good Enough", "comes in a close second." I do have to ask though how does a guy from Columbus Wisconsin write such authentic Southern influenced songs (Cripple Me, One Mississippi)?Croft: It’s funny, I don’t think I realized until I went in and started recording these songs that they had that kind of influence to them.

I guess in some ways I have kind of fought against that, but as I listen more to my songs I hear that influence myself. It reminds me of Bill Miller and his styling. A lot of my writing is roots based anyway and I’ve had more than one person tell me that I write Country songs with an edge. This song appears to be the compass for where Croft’s music is headed; way more Richard Thompson and much less Dave Matthews. “I think it’s becoming more socially acceptable for men to show softer side,” croft explained.

I went full-time 2005 when I put out my first CD and have been doing it ever since.AG: Do you travel the whole country or just regionally?Croft: In the past just regionally. It’s not very often you find 10 songs on a CD of this caliber! Kennedy shines as well, adding some killer slide guitar to “The Edge of the City.” The tone is so exquisite it’s enough to frustrate a legion of budding guitar players.

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