google tag manager event tracking not working

Both methods are doable without a developer, although you may find it easier to use Google Tag Manager if you have no coding experience.. How to set up event tracking manually They are little pieces of information that can be used both in Tags and Triggers (and, in fact, in other variables too). Could 14th century Europe protect a knight from an M1911 pistol? I have the same issue and cant figure out a solution. Cool, that button has an ID! Thank you! In a nutshell, with tag sequencing, you can create a chain of tags, e.g. Verify that Google Ads can "see" your tag and is recording conversions within your account. Some of the reasons below are pretty straightforward because you can easily find out the reasons just by looking at the preview and debug mode. You’ll want more. According to our Google Tag Manager click tracking workflow, step 0 is to decide what we want to track. Even if the regular trigger’s ALL conditions are met, the blocking trigger has a higher priority. Let’s see it in action. To do so: This page goes over issues and troubleshooting for, // To turn them on, go to. So let’s click the button and open the Variables tab in the P&D console. After reading this chapter, your questions might be: #1. But that does not mean that buttons always require this trigger. In this guide, I’ll mention it several times because I want you to memorize it. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. In order for a tag to fire, ALL conditions in a single trigger must be met. But as far as I can see, it doesn't work for all links. “alt”) that you can see by inspecting it with browser’s developer tools (e.g. So where’s the problem. (also, the link to your website where this is happening). You can check that by enabling the Preview and Debug mode and refreshing the web page that you’re working on. (but definitely not limited to). 3) How long have you been using that particular plugin? And that is NOT the same. might not be met). 2) Have any filters been recently applied to the GA View? So, how do you track a click of a button? Enter values of an event that you consider as a completed goal. "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." While trying to help students of my courses and readers, I’ve noticed some problems that are more common than others. They've always been very close to the same numbers. #10. If yes, then, You inserted the GA Settings Variable into a wrong field (you can, Non-existent Google Optimize container is loaded on the site (you can read about it. We could definitely make use of some parameters here, for example, gtm.elementId (which stands for Click ID). If your tag was not firing, it was caused by some misconfiguration elsewhere. I finally figured out why it wasn't tracking all my traffic. If that button indeed had a link, the developer would have probably wrapped both elements with a single link, therefore, Just Links trigger would have treated that button as a single element. We can use that in our trigger. Let’s go back to our Add To Cart button tracking example. If, on the other hand, the dataLayer.push does not include ‘event’, all you will see in the Preview mode is Message. Learn more about trigger exceptions here. So what should we do now? Tag Firing Schedule is another GTM feature that lets you set conditions when a certain tag should or should not fire. 12 Ways To Fix It. My Google Analytics tracking suddenly stopped tracking properly. I have a page created in Wordpress. My Google Analytics tracking suddenly stopped tracking properly. Scale and automate event tracking via Google Tag Manager. It’s a feature in GTM that listens to link clicks on a page. Simo Ahava has published a guide explaining the technique of Wildcard CSS Selectors so go check it out. I have created a trigger in GTM to track all clicks on a specific css selector (#navi_overlay a): Then I have created an tag to track this click as an Google Analytics event: I have tested it in Chrome (and Edge) and everything works fine. Read more here. It is also showing real-time tracking when I visit my own website. Could you share trigger configuration for your buttons? Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Take a closer look at the icons next to conditions. How long has the Unverified status been showing? Remember that 5 step workflow from the previous chapter? Describe your problem as detailed as possible (with link to screenshots) and I’ll try to help (and also update the blog post accordingly). In fact, there are many auto-event listeners in Google Tag Manager. There are many more possible reasons why your event tracking is not working, however, I wanted to point out the most common ones that I face while helping my students. Let’s track some element (non-link) as an example, shall we? To clarify they are different but have similar elements and have set them as click Id equals. All outbound links start either with http or https. However, I want to show you what the All Elements click trigger is and why is it different from the Just Links. Let’s have an example below: Your event tag is not firing. To verify this hypothesis, go to the tag that you think is behaving weird. What are those items hanging behind the shop keeper? We’ll have to use an All Elements trigger. I am not sure I understand. Google Tag Manager Link Click Tracking By default, Google Tag Manager does not track clicks. 12 Ways To Fix It. Click ID, Click Text, etc.) However, when you go to GA > Realtime, that event is not visible. That’s what our link click auto-event listener did. So what? #6. dataLayer.push does not include the event key. Well, 6-step, if you count the step 0. They both start with the AddToCart. I'm inheriting the GA/GTM work of other people, so I'm not sure what was setup and why. STEP 4. I’ll explain it a bit later. Because if the page refreshes, the Preview and Debug mode resets as well, therefore, you won’t be able to check what click data is available once that click is captured by the GTM. But for some reason, you see that in the Summary, the tag was fired twice. When using Tag Manager Preview mode, I can see my event firing, and it appears in Goggle Analytics Real-time window. In fact, it applies even to more triggers, e.g. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Click any random elements on your website, the GA tag must not fire. Why? So if you notice that there is a missing reason why a tag in Google Tag Manager is not firing, please let me know. Fire a tag only in published containers, Bonus tip #1 – properly refreshed the preview and debug mode. That’s it. Quick question: I noticed in GTM Preview console, every click is being captured. In this pretty lengthy guide, I’ve explained the very basics of Google Tag Manager click tracking and what workflow you should follow in order to track clicks properly (complete all the following steps): If you want to take your Google Tag Manager click tracking to the next level, consider learning how to use Auto-event Variable and CSS Selectors in GTM. However, that is not enough. Pro tip: if you want to be sure that the tag has fired only once per page, you can use the Tag Firing Option field. The same applies to Youtube, Scroll tracking, etc. Let’s check if this is your case. What spells or other effects cause a creature to make a saving throw to avoid being knocked out? If some data is not available as a variable in GTM, you cannot use it in your triggers. Yes, just include the usrr id variable in your click trigger. There is no way to see only those clicks that you want to see. You can define another Global Function Name in GTM. And the same principle applies to all trigger types in GTM. Let’s start, shall we? What can I do to rectify this? The first thing you should check in order to find out why your tag did not fire in GTM is firing triggers. How do I know if I’m dealing with an iFrame? Many of these tips are rookie mistakes. Also, there is a whole bunch of custom auto-event listeners, e.g. Most likely, everyone has been here at some point. If this is exactly what you see, read this guide on how to fix the Data Layer. But with the All Elements click trigger it’s different we need to be more precise. This happens because, by default, Google Tag Manager does not track clicks. It’s perfectly fine to choose the slot that Google offers automatically. #3. We’ll edit it to track only outbound link clicks. Your email address will not be published. In our case, the button text is a direct descendant of the button that has an ID AddToCart. Just Links). Your notifications are currently off and you won't receive subscription updates. Link click trigger can be blocked with link click trigger, pageview trigger can be blocked with pageview trigger, etc. That could be our click trigger condition. Back to our generic link click trigger. Get additional click data with the Auto-event variable, #7.2. I have given a proper introduction to them in my Intermediate Google Tag Manager course. Analytics Mania - Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Blog |. PS: you mentioned to read the next chapter, but I cannot find where it is??? To do that, click SUBMIT in the top right corner of your GTM interface and follow all the necessary steps. The event is triggered and I can see the click in realtime google analytics. If you don’t have any Google Analytics Settings Variable in the container yet, create one by clicking the drop-down list and choosing New Variable. Step-6: Configure your Google Tag Manager for Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Actually, it consists of two elements, text and the button shape/block. Create a generic All Elements click trigger, #7. If none of these tips helped you, let me know in the comments. But before we create/update a click trigger for the Add To Cart button, let’s create a Google Analytics event that will send the click data over to GA. So, if we are talking about the link click tracking, you need to complete both steps: If you are interested in All clicks, then have at least one enabled All Elements Clicks trigger, etc. but what if you use a framework that does not have plugins like wordpress A common mistake among beginners is not knowing the relationship between all the conditions in a single tag. Configure GTM. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I'm experiencing this with a custom HTML tag that is set to fire on certain pages. link click auto-event listener). Here's a string I started in Reddit: Additionally, I share a fun way to learn CSS Selectors. This button has no link, therefore, Just Links trigger will not help. How to check if the tag has this option enabled? #2. Now let’s move to a reason that is not displayed in the GTM preview and debug mode (at least for now). This time, I’ve even left the Event Label field empty (as it is not required). I recommend sending GTM event via window.dataLayer.push({ event: 'EVENT_NAME', }) and in GTM creating a trigger to fire a tag which sends event to Google Analytics. We want our tag to fire not on all clicks, but only those that are external (outbound). How can we enable the link click auto-event listener? Let’s say that you want to track clicks of a particular image. Click Link Click event and go to Variables tab. After you do that, you will start seeing events coming in from all the visitors of your website. Hi Alex the trigger configuration for my buttons is Click all elements, some clicks, click Id, equals, and I placed the clickid in here. fire Google Analytics Event code when the ID of the clicked button equals to “main-cta-button”). #AddToCart CSS selector means that we are interested in clicks of ALL elements that have AddToCart ID (exact match).

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