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The second source is fairly new within the last two years. In the third, I think linebacker and receiver are certainly the options, especially if the order is Simmons and an OT as the first two picks. The action could start at 3 with Lions, who have talked to several teams today. One in particular has been very accurate over the last four seasons. The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft kicks off tonight at 5 p.m. PT and Bolts fans won’t have to wait long until their team gets on the clock with the #6 pick. Your source for all Chargers and NFL news from around the web. Like all things, it’s only real after it comes to fruition. Bolts From The Blue, a Los Angeles Chargers community. The chances of an offensive tackle at #6 are higher than we might think. There is no thing as a “real” trade value chart, teams can do whatever they want to do, but it’s a jumping off point for discussion. Let me preface this — I do not have direct sources with the Chargers. The biggest being some form of he-said, she-said about potential shake-ups within the top-5, which would truly send this draft into the upside. The Bucs currently hold pick 14 and that could be too late for them to grab any one of the top four offensive line prospects: Mekhi Becton, Tristan Wirfs, Andrew Thomas, and Jedrick Wills. So that’s what I got for rumors and thoughts at this point heading into the draft tonight. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. I think if Campen really wants a certain tackle near the top of the draft, they will take one. Boise State’s Ezra Cleveland comes to mind, as well as Georgia’s Isaiah Wilson. What might LA get in return for moving down eight spots? Everything is still up in the air for Taylor and the union. You might be thinking about Trey Pipkins and his future then. I have heard they want to secure an elite OT in the draft for Tom Brady. It would, however, likely cost them that quarterback or tackle prospect you may or may not desire. If the season ended today, the Bolts would have a premium pick in April. Could Chargers afford to risk moving out of the top-10? The difference between six and 14 isn’t just eight spots, it’s saying goodbye to potentially all four of those players, and maybe other intriguing options like Isaiah Simmons, Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, or Derrick Brown, just to list a few. The fact is If the season ended today, the Bolts would have a premium pick in April. Update 2:43pm PT: According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Chargers may seriously be looking to trade up into the top-5 of the Draft. This week, it seemed like every GM in the league threw out at least one smokescreen that helped stir the masses into a frenzy. Both played for teams who ran the ball extremely well and thrived with the zone offense. Buy Chargers tickets at TicketCity Nick Bosa living with brother Joey while rehabbing from torn ACL Larry Brown Sports "Nick Bosa is receiving some nice family support as he rehabs from his torn ACL. Bolts From The Blue, a Los Angeles Chargers community, Chargers Draft Rumors: Bolts may be higher on an offensive tackle than we think, Chargers designate Ingram, Jones to return from IR, Chargers currently have 8th pick in 2021 draft. But here’s what they had to say: new offensive line coach James Campen chose to join the Chargers because Tom Telesco promised he could have the control he wanted over the run game. And with the business side of football so up in the air in 2020 because of the pandemic, I think it’s more important to build the best football team rather than have the best marketing plan,” King said in his Football Morning in America column. We can remove some names from contention probably, but I don’t believe any QB other than Joe Burrow should feel secure that they’re going early. I can confirm the Bucs trade up rumors. It’s win now mode. One rumor involves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanting to move up for an offensive tackle. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Finally, shifting gears a little bit, I thought it would be worth throwing out Popper’s thoughts on targets for the Chargers on day two of the draft. For the last two weeks, it’s really been the Chargers and Dolphins jockeying for the win to trade with the Lions at #3. Chargers Daily Links: Bolts open as 7.5-point favorites over Jaguars, MNF Game 2 Open Thread: Cardinals @ Cowboys, NFLPA still considering options following investigation of Tyrod Taylor’s injury. This source was correct on Mike Williams in 2017, Justin Jones and Kyzir White in 2018, and Tillery in 2019 just to name a handful of picks. However, I have multiple connections with their own personal source inside the organization. After all, in the top-6 of the 2019 Draft, no one would have predicted both Clelin Ferrell and Daniel Jones to go within the first six picks. If Telesco wanted to really make them pay for that tackle, he would want to push for their highest fourth rounder at 117. Daniel Popper of The Athletic has also stated in recent articles that the Chargers are officially moving to a more zone-based run game. Fowler reports that the Bolts have “talked to at least one team in the top five about tonight’s picks.” This is anything surprising as the Chargers potentially moving up to grab their quarterback of the future has been hinted at for some time but this is probably the most legitimate report on the matter up to this point. I can confirm the Bucs trade up rumors. Can Jerry Tillery’s play bounce back following Chargers bye week? Chargers have talked to at least one team in the top five about tonight's picks, according to a source. The 500 points scenario would involve picks 14, 45, and either 117 or 139. Tillery has struggled while in a starting role. Update: T.J. Houshmandzadeh Out In Seattle. I have heard they want to secure an elite OT in the draft for Tom Brady. There are many potential trade down scenarios we could consider until the first round on April 23rd, though we must also take into account that regardless of what’s gained the Chargers will end up missing out on some really good prospects if they take a few steps back in the draft. With this info, certain offensive tackles can be focused on a bit more since they would be better fits for the Chargers. Here some of the random happenings from yesterday: Though general manager Tom Telesco has oft avoided trades of any kind, he did make an o-line blockbuster early in the offseason and so many he’s ready for other alternatives in how he runs the team. It may also not work out. Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff reportedly could make a huge jump up in the draft By Kenneth Arthur @KennethArthuRS Apr 15, 2020, 9:51am PDT Chargers Draft Rumors: Bolts may be higher on an offensive tackle than we think The chances of an offensive tackle at #6 are higher than we might … NBC Sports’ Peter King gave Thomas to the Chargers at #6 and gave this reasoning: “Anthony Lynn doesn’t view—at least now—Tyrod Taylor as a bridge quarterback. Popper seems fairly convinced that this possible scenario is real.

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